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Yes special protection underwear that has very high flexibility.

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Q: Do male gymnasts wear underwear under their leotards?
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What type of underwear do male gymnasts wear under their uniform?

briefs or bikini briefs

Do some male gymnasts wear just leotards when they work out?

Yes, But male gymnasts typically wear shorts over their leotard

What do male and females wear while doing gymnastics?

During workouts female gymnasts usually workout wearing leotards and some prefer shorts over the leotard. Male gymnasts usually wear shorts and a shirt during workout. During competitions both male and females wear leotards.

What type of underwear to male gymnasts wear?

bikini briefs

You enjoy wearing leotards and you are a man?

men dont wear leotards....? but they do wear tights. they have to wear a jockey strap underneath; its kinda like what they would have to wear for football or baseball. Of course men wear leotards! Male gymnasts and dancers do so all the time. Plenty of men wear leotards for exercise because they fit comfortably without riding up or down. As a base layer under clothing they add greatly to warmth on cold days.

What do male ballet dancers wear under tights?


What apparatus only used by male gymnasts?

The parallel bars, high bar, rings and pommel horse are only used by male gymnasts. The floor and vault are used by both male and female gymnasts.

How many gymnast?

There are tons of gymnasts all over the world. Actually there are about thalf the amount of male gymnasts as there are women gymnasts.

Why do male gymnasts have to wear footed leatards?

men have very visible private parts so they can't wear what women wear anyway. And for leotards you want as much weight off of you as possible so you can move freely

What do male gymnasts use in gymnastics?

Male gymnasts have six events which are vault, high bar, floor, rings, parallel bars and the pommel horse.

Man wear leotard?

Leotards are mostly associated with girls. However, this is a wrong concept as initially leotards were created by men. Thus, male acrobats, circus performers and dancers wear leotards.

What are the best brands of Male underwear?

bonanza underwear

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What type of underwear do male gymnasts wear under their uniform?

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