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No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

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Q: Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?
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What sports do people from Saskatchewan play?

they play many sports like broomball hockey basketball mostly the same sports as Americans but more ice sports like curling ice skating and other ice things in the winter olyimpiacs

Do the Germans play the same sports the English do?

yes, they both play sports such as football but then they both have different sports

What sports do Americans mostly play?

Football is the United States most played sport, I believe it is the same for canda but I believe soccer is Mexico's mostly played sport.

Do Indians from India play some of the same games as Americans do?

Yes they do they play soccer as Americans do too.

What are the differences between Catholic and Protestant sports?

There is no difference. Catholics play the same sports and in the same manner as a Protestant.

What sports do people play in Montana?

The same sports as anywhere else in the United States.

How did myans play sports?

same way a male and a female play catch

What kinds of sports do Holland play?

People in Holland play the same kind of sports as we do here in the US. They play basketball, volleyball, baseball, and soccer.

What percentage of Americans think girls and boys shouldn't be on the same sports teams?


should Girls should play the same sports as boys?


What sports do they play at Danish schools?

The same kind of sports as you would play in North America, but traditionally, football (soccer) is popular in Europe.

Why did Indians play sports?

Every color should be treated the same, so who cares if (THE CORRECT TERM IS NATIVE AMERICANS) native Americans played, they had all the rights, like everyone, to play any sport. If you want a better answer, be more specific like, year, century, tribe ;) PEACE ;D