Do linebackers wear football gloves

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes! My nephew broke his hand when it got smashed between 2 helmets and lost most of the season. Subsequently, when my son started playing, we invested in a good pair of gloves. As a lineman, his hands are either up to pass block or trying to rip through as a defensive end. With all the padding in his gloves, he has banged his hands on helmets, pads, facemaaks....and is fine. If you play center, though, you may not want to wear a glove on the hand you grip the ball with. If the gloves are bulky , it can be hard to feel the laces and have a good exchange.

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it depends only if they want more protection they're usually padded if they do

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Some do some don't

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Q: Do linebackers wear football gloves
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