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no, not unless your a junior girl

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Q: Do junior golfers hit from red tees?
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Why do women hit off the red tee box?

Women hit off Red tees because a course is rated for different people and Competitions White are traditionally main Medal Tee, Yellow for visitors and male member non competition and the Red for ladies and boys according to R&A course rating

What are red tees?

I have never in my life saw someone with such a lack of knowledge. A red tee is a tee that is red! What a lack of knowledge!

When was Detroit Junior Red Wings created?

Detroit Junior Red Wings was created in 1992.

When was Red Bull Junior Team created?

Red Bull Junior Team was created in 2001.

When was Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon created?

Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon was created in 1972.

Do senior men ever hit from red tee?

Sure. But in order to record the score for handicapping purposes, the tee needs to be rated for men. Tees are just identified by color and location and denote an area to accurately measure and rate a golf course. There is no such thing per se as men's and women's tees. Any tee can be rated for both genders.

My husband wants to tee off from the ladies tee box. the red tee boxes. Is this allowed?

He can if he wants to, but he could be the butt of many jokes! If it is general play, he can tee off from wherever he wants to, but if it is an official competition he has to tee off from the stipulated tee box. If he doesn't feel he hits the ball far enough he could simply hit off the forward tees, but if he really wants to hit off the ladies tees nothing can stop him.

What is Junior Red Cross?

Junior red cross means a group of children, who has a helping mentality . To help ill persons and poor personsect.........................

What is the duration of Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon?

The duration of Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon is 1.33 hours.

What are the ratings and certificates for Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon - 1972?

Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon - 1972 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

When can you play the senior tees in golf?

I don't believe there is any set age. The USGA does not address this in the rules of golf as far as I know. I do think the set of tee markers should be played according to one's ability. The standard rule of thumb is to multiply the distance you would hit a 5 iron times 36. The result is the total yardage from any given set of markers. For men this could be the Senior tees, but never the red tees. For instance if you hit a 5 iron 150 yards, multiplied by 36 equals 5400 yards you would most likely play the Senior tees. Further, I think most golf courses probably have a recommended age for senior tees. Check with the golf course you are playing, it may be a local rule.

Who is the founder of junior red cross?

jean henry dunant