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yes they do

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Q: Do jockeys physically whip their horses in the race?
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What is a jockeys whip used for?

It is used to whip the horses and inflict pain on the horse during a race so that they will run faster. It often ends up cutting their side and leaving marks.

Why do jockeys whip their horses?

It makes them faster and it doesnt hurt them unless it is REALLY hard.

Horse that's not afraid of the whip?

the horses that are scared of whips are the ones that have been physically abused with the whip or have had a bad experience with them

What is a whip for whipping horses in a race made of?

Traditionally made of cane but more recently of synthetics and polymers

Is it illegal to whip a horses on the shoulder?


If you race horses will you be hurting them?

Yes and no. Its up 2 you. You dont have to use a bit spores or a whip. You CAN. Racing is Cruel, and MANY horses are put down from being driven to hard, and falling, and braking a leg.

Why is a long piece of leather used to drive cattle or horses?

A whip

What is a long piece of leather used to drive cattle or horses?

Its a whip on Word Ladder Precipitation Puzzle number 9

What does a whip do?

It depends on what type of whip. If it is a horse ridding aid, then it encourages the horse to obey your hand, leg and voice command. If it is a cart whip, it gets the horse/horses moving. Please note: DO NOT use a whip in an offensive or hurtful manner!

A long peice of leather used to drive cattle or horses?

Cattlewhip,Horsewhip, or whip depending how you were taught or how you prefer to call it. Thanks!

Would you consider horse riding to be animal abuse?

Some people would consider horse riding animal abuse. First of all, some people could argue that horses should not be held captive for human use in the first place. Next, the weight of a person riding a horse is uncomfortable and unnatural for horses. Finally, when it comes to racing, many jockeys whip the horse to make them go faster, which certainly causes pain and discomfort. I honestly, don't think it is, but I don't use a whip and horses weigh hundreds of pounds. It wouldn't be uncomfortable to carry a 80 lb. person to a 600 lb. horse

What nouns would you use for a horse in a horse race?

horse, track, race, whip, saddle, bridle, jockey, hooves, nostrils...etc.

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