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Q: Do japan people like to play basketball?
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Do people of Honduras like to play basketball?

Hondurans do not play basketball

Is Basketball Popular?

the only people that play basketball, are people like arebu...

Why do people like to play basketball?

for fun

Who is the shortest person in basketball history to play basketball?

the shortest person to play basketball in the Olympic games was Tynua Samonmah from Japan

Does Mexico people play basketball?

Yes, people in Mexico play basketball.

What do Turkish people play as sports?

They like to play football, baseball , tennis and basketball.

Why do people enjoy playing basketball?

i like to play basketball because it has to do wiht outside and lots of exercise.

How many people play basketball in Canada in a year?

How many people play basketball

Where do basketball people play?

basketball courts

What games do kids play in Japan?

they play how to be warriors or they play like us English people

How many people play basketball worldwide?

About 30 million people play basketball worldwide

How many Americans play Basketball?

about 1000 billion people play basketball (:

How many people play basketball in the Philippines?

Surprisingly only 11% of people play basketball in the Philippines.

How many people play basketball in Australia?

1200036987 people play NBL basketball is this answer even right???

Many tall people play basketball well?

Yes, tall people can play basketball well.

Why do Japanese people play Basketball?

Because they are people like everyone els, who like to have fun too. They want to play sports too. They need a hobbie and sports to play.

Can fat people play basketball?

Everyone can play basketball, it's a good exercise.

How many people play basketball in America?

15.5 million people play basketball in America. Most of these play pick up games and a few play semi pro or professional basketball.

What is a running commentary?

Like play-by-play in basketball.

Were does Justin Bieber like to do?

If your question is, what does he like to do, then is know he likes to skateboard, play basketball, soccer, play pranks on people and hang out with his buds.

What Japan people like to do for fun?

play video games and jump in cans like in the usa

What other countries play basketball besides the US?

Japan Canada etc.

What sports did Terry Fox like to play?

terry fox like to play basketball, soccer, and rugby. mostly basketball.

Why is basketball racist?

They believe that only "black" people can play basketball.

Football or basketball?

Depends on whether you like football or basketball. I personally like basketball but I still like to play football.