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yes the SAN SIRO

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Q: Do inter and ac milan share the same stadium?
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Do AC Milan share the same stadium as Barcalona?

No, AC Milan share the San Siro with Inter Milan. Barcelona own their stadium and don't share it with anyone.

Do inter and ac Milan have the same studium?

Bot Inter and AC Milan share the same stadium, known as the San Siro.

Do inter and ac Milan share a stadium?

Yes, both Inter and AC Milan share the same stadium this is because a long time ago they used to be the same club they are now the biggest rivals in Italian football. The stadium is called San Siro

Does inter and ac milan share a same home stadium?

Yes they do, they both share the Stadio San Siro.

Were does acmilan play soccer?

In Milan at the same stadium as inter Milan.

How many foot teams share the same ground?

The Italian teams A.C.Milan and Inter Milan share the same ground, it is called the San siro. Actually both Inter Milan and A.c. Milan were one club, but broke up in 1909.So they play in the same stadium.

Do inter and Milan have same stadium?

Yes they both have the same stadium named San Siro located at Milan, Italy

Which Football clubs share the same home turf 'San Siro'?

Milan and Inter (or if you prefer AC Milan and Inter Milan).

Does ac Milan and inter Milan share the same ground?

Yes, they ground share the San Siro.

Does Inter and AC Milan have the same stadiums?

no one i think its ac milan has a well better stadiam

Do ac Milan and inter Milan play in the same ground?

Yes. They both play in the San Siro. Inter Milan used to have their own stadium in the early 20th century but then started playing at the San Siro. There rivalry games now attract 80,000+.

Why do lazio and as roma hate each other?

lazio and roma hate each other because they share the same home ground and its a cross city rivalry just like ac milan and inter milan

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