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No, they do not to be sharpened. They're not really skates. The kids just use them to get used to standing on the ice, and to walk in them on the ice.

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Q: Do ice skates with double-runner blades need to be sharpened?
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Sharpen hockey skates out of the box?

Skates right out of the box are not sharpened. Most likely the shop that you are purchasing them from will sharpen the skates before you leave the store. If you purchased the skates online you will need to take then to your local shop and have them sharpened. But make sure that the skates fit properly and you are not going to ship them back. Once you sharpen the skates most online retailers consider the skates now used and will not accept them for return. If you need to get them sharpened, don't worry it generally costs only a few dollars ($3-5). You will also need to maintain the skates and have them sharpened after every few skates. This is a personal preference when to sharpen your skates.

Will I have to get the blades sharpened annually on a Remington Tools Electric Hedge Trimmer?

No how often they will need sharpened will depend on how much you use them and what on.

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Why don't mulching lawnmower mulch anymore?

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Are John Deere replacement blades been pre sharpened?

Yes, you don't need to do anything but remove the old ones and put the new blades on.

What equipment use for iceskating?

You need iceskating boots (skates) You also need blade guards for your skates which come in loads of different colours and textures. you will need a skate bag to keep your skates in and you can get leg warmers, ice soakers for your blades, and competition or dance dresses with skin colour tights that go over your skates.

How do you fix a wood chipper?

depends on the problem,? if it runs but wont chip wood, then the blades need sharpened, if it wont run then need more info,

Do rototiller blades need sharpening?

Yes. You can take a file and sharpen them or take them somewhere to be sharpened. If they are not sharp it will create more work for you and the tiller.

What equipment is required for a figure skater?

The equipments for figure skating differ. Of course, skates. For the skates you will need guards to protect your blades. If you are planning to compete you will need skates, outfits, music, and lots of support and practice, partner if working with someone, coach, skating rink, and a bunch of happiness.

Do you sharpen new ice skates?

If you already sharpened them when you bought them, then there is no need to sharpen them again. If you didn't, you might want to try skating with it first before considering if you want the sharpened or not. It's all about how the person skates. Of course, you might want to sharpen them a day or two before the competition. This way it gives you time to get used to it, but doesn't let the skates become dull again before the competition time comes.

Why does a pencil need to be sharpened?

because if it wasnt sharpened it wouldn't write.

Your lawn tractor leave a path of tall grass that is baley cut?

Your blades either need to be replaced or sharpened quite a bit. Either that or your cutter is set too high and needs to be lowered.

What stuff do you need for ice skating?

If you're going there with your own skates; Ice Skates (to skate in), Towels/Tissues (to clean your skates afterwards), Skate Guards (to protect your skate's blades) and perhaps thick socks if necessary. If you're going without your own skates, you'll need to bring warm clothing anyway (eg; gloves, jumper, jacket etc). Skates will be provided at the ice rink for you to use, so don't worry about needing to buy a pair if you don't have any already (as they are very expensive and you might want to give skating a go before you buy some skates).

In ice skating how do you know when your skates blades need sharpening?

The best indicator of when they need to be sharpened is experience. If you are a decent skater and you keep falling because your skates are slipping out from underneath you, they need to be sharpened. You can also examine the blade... hold the skate up under any decent light source and slowly rock it back and forth. If there are lots of shiny spots (shinier than the rest of the steel) they likely need it. As well if you look very closely and can see burrs or nicks along the edge of the steel, this is also a good indication. Lastly, (and I don't recommend this if you don't know what you are doing) very lightly put your thumb on one side of the blade, and your index finger on the other (the blade, not the edge) and slowly, carefully run them towards the back of the skate. If you can feel little pieces of steel sticking out or its not very smooth... you need a sharpen

What do you need to be a figure skater?


Why do you need ice skates?

You don't. If you don't want to buy ice skates, then don't.

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The amount of time in between sharpenings will depend on the complexity and frequency of use. If the knives are used heavily it will need sharpened more frequently. If the knife has trouble cutting through the appropriate item then it will need sharpened. Most knifes in a kitchen where they are used frequently will need sharpened every 2-3 months.

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The possessive noun form of knife is knife's, e.g. "That knife's blade is very sharp."The possessive plural form would be knives', e.g. "Those knives' blades need to be sharpened."

Do figure skaters need a different kind of skates?

yes you can get figure skates but you can also figure skate in normal skates aswell xx

What sports need ice skates?

The sports of figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey all need ice skates.

What length of laces do you need for your ice skates?

it depends on how big or small your skates are :) they come in all sizes

What equipment do you need for figure skating?

The most important equipment is of course skates. You'll need a good shoe and blades. As your skills develope the importance of good skates increases. For starters (especially children) a helmet is almost compulsory! You can skate in "normal" sports wear, as long as it's flexible and warm enough. When practising more, tight clothes are preferable!

How do you clean knife self-sharpener?

no need to, clean your knife after sharpened

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we need the answer

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