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Q: Do hockey sticks flex more as you use it?
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Should you use a wood or composite hockey stick for roller hockey?

It really doesn't make a difference (except that wood sticks tend to be heavier and you also get more flex in a composite stick). It is mostly your preference.

How do you know if you need to use a junior of senior hockey stick?

99% of the time the type of stick you use depends on your age. Younger players will use junior and or intermediate sticks while older playin will use senior sticks. The junior and intermediate sticks have a lower "flex" rating which means the stick has more bend. As older players are stronger they will break them easier. The opposite for senior sticks. A senior stick has a high flex rating and would suit an older player well because it is stiffer. There are exceptions to this. A couple of years ago, rumor had it that NHL star Brendan Shannahan used a 55 flex stick while on the powerplay. A 55 flex stick is typical of the flex rating used in junior sticks which are made for children around 12 and under. A last component is that junior and senior stick have varying lengths due to the difference in intensted age groupings. Standard junior sticks and much much shorter than standard length senior sticks.

What kind of tape do you use for hockey sticks?

You can buy hockey tape at your local hockey rink or equipment store for hockey sticks.

What hockey sticks do pros use?

Professionals use pretty much the same stickas any other player, albeit more of the topline sticks as opposed to middle- or bottom-of-the-range sticks.

Who invented Carbon Fiber hockey sticks?

Many hockey players today use carbon fiber hockey sticks during their games. The sticks were first invented by Busch.

Can you use metal hockey sticks?

In ice hockey, sticks may incorporate metal, and aluminum is a common choice to make the whole shaft from. In field hockey, metal is banned from use in sticks for safety reasons.

Do professional hockey players use sticks with plastic ends?

No, Professional hockey players use wooden sticks or carbon composite one piece sticks and wooden sticks in the pros are becoming very rare as well.

What are the majority of NHL hockey sticks made of?

Almost all hockey sticks in use today are a carbon fiber/wood composite

What brand of hockey stick do NHL players use?

hockey players use a variety of sticks from reebok to Bauer to Nike sticks it really depends on the player preference

What type of hockey stick does Brian gionta use?

brian gionta uses easton sticks i acctually have a few of his stick i got from him pro stock and i like the flex and curve but unnfortunatly if you want the curve its gotta be costom i only have two sticks left and im going to have to order some

Can you use a field hockey stick in indoor hockey?

It is permitted to use an outdoor hockey stick for training purposes only. If players or a team is playing in an indoor tournament outdoor sticks are usually not allowed unless the tournament allows the use of them. most national tournaments would not allow the use of outdoor sticks but some local tournament organisers may allow the use of outdoor hockey sticks but this is very rare. It is advised that players who play indoor hockey regularly play with an indoor hockey stick.

Why do you use trees?

to make hockey sticks,paper

Is soccer similar to hockey?

Yes Hockey is American and Soccer is English but on Soccer you use your legs unlikely Hockey is sticks

What is a better hockey stick vapor v2 or vapor xxxx or x60?

I use (and love) the xxxx because it has a lower flex point than most sticks, making it good for wrist shots and slap shot. Not sure what the x60 is good for.

What wood is commonly hockey used for the making of hockey sticks?

Normally, they use composite instead of wood.

What kind of sticks do pro hockey player use?


Where is it possible to buy hockey sticks suitable for use in a field?

Hockey sticks can be found and purchased at large department stores with sporting good sections such as Walmart, Target and Kmart. Dick's Sporting Goods and Modell's are sport themed stores which are likely to also have hockey sticks on hand.

What is the difference between senior and intermediate hockey sticks?

the difference between senior and intermediate hockey sticks is a senior stick is for an older person its more durable and comes in many sizes and flexs when an intermediate hockey stick is for the younger and its easier to use for them and there alreadi short so most of them u don't have 2 cut down.Atleast That's what the guy at pure hockey told me.

Are the forests for Reebok sticks in Canada?

Wood in a hockey stick? They don't use wood anymore but composite material that breaks more easily.

What percent of nhl hockey players use composite sticks?


Are there any NHL hockey players that still use wood hockey sticks?

Yes, but official statistics are unavailable at this time.

What is lacrosse a mix of?

Hockey and soccer, but a lot of hockey. Here is a list of what they have in common. Crease for the goalie Contact Goalies have big sticks fast stratagy goalies protect their neck offsides call penalty time wack people with sticks use sticks

Are composite hockey sticks scientifically proven to improve your game?

No they arent even some of the pros use wooden sticks still

What are pro-stock hockey sticks?

pro stock hockey sticks are customized sticks "usually by the pros" and are specific in every way for that player from flex,blade,taper,grip ect. they have no warranty because they are usually for professional use and waranties are void at college and professional level anyway so be sure to check the stick out before buying becuz u will never no what you will get PS. ovechikin used a one95 supreme for sometime but since he was sponsored by ccm it was painted like a ccm u crazy lite watever

How is hockey and baseball alike?

They both use sticks to hit small objects.