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The answer is both and neither. I find goalies, like most other players these days, forgo suspenders at all in favor of simply using the belt supplied on the pants. This is a mistake as suspenders will keep goalie pants properly positioned far better then a belt. Whereas most goalies are now tucking their chest pad inside their pants I would say a larger percent who do use suspenders wear them over the chest pad. Again this is an individual decision

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Q: Do hockey goalie suspenders go over or under the chest pads?
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What is the longest hockey goal scored when a goalie was in net?

There are goalies that have scored on the other goalie. the rink is 200ft long, so it's just under 200ft (at the most).

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What is thing that you wear under the coat and above shirt?


What equiptment do you use in hockey?

An ice hockey player typically wears the following: Skates Shin guards Shoulder pads girdle (padded shorts) elbow pads athletic cup gloves helmet hockey stick A goalie has different equipment: skates (usually with extra plastic around the foot) leg pads chest protector girdle athletic cup Blocker and glove (more mitt-like) helmet (made specifically for a goaltender) hockey stick (with a wider blade and a paddle under the blocker)

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What equipment is needed for hockey?

A lot. A complete list (all this can be purchased at any sports store):IF YOU ARE A SKATER (non-goalie);-skates-stick-shin guards-jersey-socks (aka stockings), not to be confused with the socks that go on your feet-socks (the kind that do go on your feet)-bag for your equipment (anything will do here. There are specific hockey bags, but you can bring your equipment in a suitcase or something similar)-gloves-jock/jill, and a jockstap or a pair of athletic shorts-stick tape (important to wrap the blade of your stick with tape)-stocking tape (this is to tape your stockings with to hold them up, but some jockstraps have garter belts on them, which work fine.-hockey pants (they are actually padded shorts. They need to have suspenders or a belt on them to prevent them from falling).-elbow pads-undergarments (material like Under Armour, which all your equipment goes on over)-shoulder pads-throat guard (aka "throat protector") (optional in some leagues, but you're better off wearing one even if it is a bit of a nuisance)-helmet (most of the time you will be required to wear a cage (mask) on your helmet)-mouthguard (important EVEN if you have a mask-prevents concussions)IF YOU ARE A GOALIE:-goalie mask (different from a regular helmet)-throat guard (again, optional. Most goalie masks extend to the throat)-chest and arm protector (most chest protectors extend to the arms)-glove-blocker-jock/jill-goalie stick-goalie pads (aka leg pads-they go on the outside of your legs)-goalie skates (some house league/beer league goalies use regualar skates, but goalie skates give you a slight advantage when it comes to stopping shots, and they are also safer, as they are more padded)note: shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, and shoulder pads are unnecessary if you are a goalie because goalie equipment covers your body.Other than that, goalies wear the same stuff as skaters.

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How many types of hockey are there?

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How do Ice Hockey goalies wear their teams socks under their leg pads. do i need to buy a different jock like the players have or is their a different method?

Ice Hockey Goalies do not always wear their team socks under their pads (Practices usually just sweatpants) although for games they mainly do. If you are going to play Ice Hockey, you most definitely need to buy a Goalie Jock. They are padded and usually have thicker plastic for the "jock" part.

How do shirt suspenders work?

Shirt suspenders work by clipping onto the hem of one's tucked in shirt and then running under the pants and to the socks where they attach to the socks. This creates a tension on the shirt preventing the shirt from becoming loosened or untucked.

What equipment do ice hockey goalies wear?

Standard equipment pretty much consists of:Legs PadsBlocker (the thick pad that goes over the arm of the hand that is holding the goalies hockey stick)Trapper (the 'glove' or 'bread basket' that a goalie wears, similar to a baseball glove)Mask (Goalies where a mask that is designed to protect them from the puck from all different angles) Some masks have a throat protector, a section of plastic that hangs off of the mask that is intended to keep pucks from hitting the throat area.Chest Protector (pads worn under the jersey that covers a goalies chest, stomach, and arms)Goalie Skates (special skates that have a longer blade for stability and a protective outer shell)Goalie Jock (similar to typical jock with extra padding around abdominal area)

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