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Gymnasts do need agility because the need to be strong on order to do their techniques.

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Q: Do gymnasts need agility
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Why do gymnasts need agility?

Gymnasts need agility because they need to be very strong to do their techniques and their hard skills that are demanded.

Agility in gymnastics?

Yes Yes Yes -- gymnasts need amazing agility and speed to perform there tricks

What 4 qualities do gymnasts need?

Strength, agility, good balance , able to take direction. And of course , determination.

Is it bad for you if you do ballet and gymnastics?

No because ballet is very good for gymnasts. It improves their balance and agility.

Why does goalkeeper need agility?

why dose goalkeeper need agility

What do do you need agility in?

you need agility in tennis trampolining ect

Why Do Gymnasts need Math?

Gymnasts need math because math is in are everyday life, and when gymnasts are in their late 20s it is time for us to retire and to get a job.

Do gymnasts need speed?


Why would a basketball player need agility?

If you want to get around your defender you'll need to use AGILITY to do that. If you want stay with your opponent when your on defense, you'll need agility to stay with him

Does hockey need agility?

Yes. How much agility you need, though, depends on what position you want to play in.

Do gymnasts need strength?

no just a good diet

What sports do you need agility in?


Does basketball need agility?


Why do you need agility for badminton?


Why do we need agility in football?

Agility is basically a quick change in direction. Agility is most seen in cutting motions of a running back,

Why do you need agility in English football?

You need agility in any sport to maneuver around your opponents and to successfully get to and control the ball.

What musles do you use for gymnastics?

You need all your muscles for gymnastics. Male Gymnasts need more upper body strength than leg stength, while female gymnasts need a combination of the two

How is agility used in downhill skiing?

The need for agility in downhill skiing is essential. The quick turning and adjusting in downhill skiing requires great agility.

How many players are there in a gymnastics squad?

There can be many gymnasts on a team. There might even be one. But, you need 4 gymnasts to win a team award.

How do you get 99 agility in runescape in 1 month?

this is not possible unless you cheat. plus you need membership to get agility

What diets do gymnasts need?

Junk food and weird energy juice

Why do you need agility for Basketball?

To get down the court quickly

Why do you need to have agility in football?

so you run faster

What agility level do you need to get to the barrows on runescape?

You don't need agility to get to barrows, only a spade is required, nearest teleport spot, Varrock, or in some peoples cases Ectofuntus ( Ectophial ). You simply don't need any agility all you need a is a spade for the actuall barrows burrows.

What kinds of special needs do gymnasts need to follow?

Some needs for gymnasts is that they have to be very balanced to do beam .You have to be very flexible (inorder to do floor and the uneven bars).