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that's what my Pop Warner coach taught us many years ago

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Q: Do football players yell BALL when theres a fumble?
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In football is it legal to kick the ball out of a players hand?

Yes, that is a fumble.

What do you call an illegal intentional fumble in football?

its when the ball pops out of a players hand actually.

In college football if a players foot hits the ball causing a fumble is a penalty?

If the 'kick' is intentional, it is an illegal kick penalty. If it is unintentional, it is a fumble.

What does a fumble mean in football?

A fumble is when a player with the ball drops it.

What does live ball mean in football?

loose ball (fumble)

What is a fumble?

A fumble is when the ball comes out of the players posession before he/she is down. If the fumble is recovered by the opposing team, it is considered a turnover and the posession of the ball changes.

Can the defense advance a fumble in college football?

Yes. There was a rule in college football where the defense could not advance the ball after recovering a fumble but it was abolished in 1992.

What does ff mean in football?

"FF" stands for "Forced Fumble" When a player knocks the football loose or strips the ball from a player that has full possession of the football is considered a Forced Fumble (FF).

When a player loses control of the ball in football and falls down is called?


Can A player fumble before gaining possession.?

A runner can fumble the ball prior to gaining possession of the football. A receiver must catch and secure the ball, and be deemed a runner before fumbling. If a receiver does not secure the ball, it is considered an incomplete pass instead of a fumble.

Put fumble in a sentence?

The football player fumbled the ball, costing his team the game.

What is striping in football?

stripping is when a player causes a player on the opposing team to fumble the ball

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