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can't get enough

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Q: Do football players wear urine guards?
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Do football players wear shin guards?

Yes, they so that their shins ar protected if kicked with the studs of a football boot.

What protection do soccer players wear?

Despite its rough nature, Football players generally dont wear a lot of protection. Apart from their jerseys and cleats, they wear shin guards.

What are health and safety regulations in football?

There are many health and safety regulations in football. Players are required to wear a cup, helmet and mouth guards.

Why do soccer players not wear shin guards?

They all have to wear them.

Do NBA players wear mouth guards?


Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

Something a football player wears under his uniform?

American football players wear many things under their uniform. These include shoulder pads and thigh pads. If you are talking international football (soccer) then the main piece of equipment players wear under their uniforms are shin guards.

Do you wear socks under football socks?

Many players wear socks, stockings, or some other cloth layer under their shin guards to prevent chaffing.

Do referees and linesmen have to wear shin guards in football?


Outline the kind of safety aids that players in a range of sports might use to prevent injuries?

equipment wise there are: helmets (football, baseball/softball ,hockey, lacrosse) men usually wear cups soccer and field hockey there are shin guards baseball players wear guards when hitting to protect the side facing th pitcher football, hockey, and lacrosse players wear all types of padding volleyball players sometimes wear pads on their knees field hockey and female lacrosse players wear eye masks strething can be considered an aid for preventing injuries

What do English football players have to wear?

its just called football they have to wear clothes

Why do rugby players wear forearm guards?

Rugby players wear forearm guards as a protective gear. Generally, rugby is a very rough game which could result into various injuries.

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