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Yes the get fined for everything

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Q: Do football players get fined
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How much do NFL players get fined for spiking the football?

500 dollars

How much do football players have to pay for red and yellow cards?

Those who get yellow cards are not fined, but those who get red cards are fined and serve a ban.

How much do football players get fined for yellow cards in the world cup?

They are not fined for penalties or yellow cards, as long as no serious injury to the other player has occured.

Can you get fined from giving a NFL football away?

placcico burred was fined $5,000 for throwing a football into the stands after a td reception.

Are soccer players faster than football players?

Football players

Why do NFL players get fined?

Because they play the wrong sport

Can a pro football player get fined for giving a football to a fan?

They get charged for the ball 250$..

Do NHL players get fined for fighting?

If they really hurt someone and that guy who's hurt is down or if they showboat they get fined or a suspension.

Do NFL players get fined for making mistakes penalties or missing assignments by their coaching staff?

No. Poor play is not a finable offense. Players that make a lot of mistakes are disciplined by not playing or being cut from the team. Players will be fined by the team for missing meetings. Players can be fined by the NFL for certain types of penalties that include unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Do professional soccer players get fined for getting red cards?


Do baseball players get fined for being ejected from the game?

No Bob Iadicicco

How much does a football player have to pay if he breaks another players bones in NFL?

It depends. If it was a clean hit no. If he hit to like the head or a defenseless reciever than he probably will b fined.

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