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It is in Europe as the best play there, as England tax is 50 percent.

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Q: Do football players earn more in Europe or England?
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Do football coaches earn high than football players?


How much do premier league football players earn?


How much do pro football players earn?

On average, about $1,000,000

What percentage of college football players earn a degree?


What is the highest salary in American football in Europe?

The highest paid American football players can earn on average up to 10 million euros per season while playing in certain European leagues.

How much do semi professional English football players earn?

championship players earn thousands league 1 thousands league 2 thousand

How much did a professional football player in 1960's earn playing for Manchester united?

how much did proffisonal players earn in the 1096

What did US players earn for football world cup participation?

I think it was 8 million dollars.

How much money did New England Patriots players earn for Super Bowl?

29 Million Dollars

Who earns more money football players or basketball players?

NBA players earn much more. The average NBA salary is 5.2 million, while NFL players' average salary is 1.75 million.

How much do football managers get paid?

A manager salary is paid due to the club he manages improve. Some managers earn more than some players. Like the current manager of England is the richest manager i have ever know and heard of. He is even richer than some the players he manages. So when you are talking talking of football managers salary one thing you should know is that i0some football managers are richer some players and some players are richer than some managers.

What can a coach for American football in Europe earn?

if you are from america, the price can be pretty good but it is not something that is going to make you rich. If you are from europe its probably going to be hard finding a paying football job. Hope it helps

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