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It IS possible ! I remember a televised game years ago. The goal-keeper took a goal-kick - with so much power - it ended up in the net at the opposite end of the pitch ! There's a long list of goal-keepers who have scored goals - on Wikipedia (see related link)

As they said above, any rule forbids it, a goalkeeper is as able to score as any field player. Of course, its position on the field makes it an unusual situation:

- It use to happen on free kicks and penalties, when they can shoot and have time to get back if they miss (some specialized in this area were Rogerio Ceni and Jose Luis Chilavert).

- On last minutes free kicks or corner kicks, some goalkeepers go to the opposite area and add another player to the situation, helping the chance of scoring.

- On very rare occasions, if the kick is good, the other GK is off guard and wind helps some, they can shoot a Side-to-side goal

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Q: Do football goal keepers score goals?
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