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Yes most of the time they do have long legs but that doesn't mean you have to have long legs to be a good runner. Some of the best runners either practice a lot or their just genetically born that way.

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Q: Do fast runners have long legs?
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Do the best runners have long legs?


What makes a giraffe run fast?

It has long legs

What is the physical description of a greyhound?

The greyhound is a sleek, slim dog with powerful legs. They are very fast runners.

What are fast runners?

they are people that move their arms and legs to get more speed and they have probably ran since they was a child

Is a deer considered a fast runner?

Yes, with their long, agile legs, deer are very fast runners. White-tailed deer are able to run more than 30 miles per hour.

Is Boars are fast runners and good swimmers?

Are fast runners good swimmers

How do 1500m runners run so fast for so long?

Runners run fast by having a diet of yam, bananas some energy drink such as lucozade, powerade or mountain dew. This also gives runners a load of energy so that they can run a long distances

Why are gazelles so fast?

because it has long legs to help it run fast

What is the figurative meaning of runners and riders?

runners and riders

How fast could a brontosaurus run?

as fast as you and they are not fast runners

Why is the cheetah so fast?

it is fast because it has long long legs and it eats so it gets energy so it gets fast

How fast are Olympic runners?


Are tigers fast runners?


Four runners together makeup what?

8 legs

How does a chicken move?

A chicken moves by running on its legs. It can fly with its wings a short couple of feet as well. Chickens are fast runners when being chased.

Do people with long legs run faster?

it cant be answered properly because people with long legs tend to move there legs slower and use less energy while people with shorter legs tend to have very fast moving legs. i have long legs which move fast so im faster than others.its a hard question to answer.

How fast do aardvarks run?

Aardvark (orycteropus afer) also known as Earth Pig and Ant Bear run in a zigsag fashion to elude their enemies. Aardvarks are not fast runners but with their short powerful legs and long blunt claws they can quickly dig a defensive burrow.

Are apes fast runners?

Yes,I believe they are fast runners. They are very much like us and are just amazing creatures.

How fast do baby giraffes run?

I think that it matters how long there legs are

Why can horse and ostrich run fast?

Because they have long legs/feet

How do giraffes stay safe from predators?

They as fast as their long legs will carry them.

Adaptations of American cockroach?

They are fast runners

What is a road runners ecosystem?

It's fast

How does ostriches escape danger?

They are fast runners

What adaptations help the upland sandpiper survive?

They have a long beak Long legs to run fast