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Yes, if a hitter hits into a fielder's choice he gets credited for an at-bat and is NOT credited with a hit. Whether its an error or a fielder's choice the players batting average WILL decrease

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Q: Do errors and fielders choice factor into batting average?
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Do errors and fielders choice factor into on base percentage?

For on-base percentage, it still counts as an at bat and the hitter is not credited with an 'on base' so whether its an error or a fielder's choice the player's on-base percentage will decrease

Is a wild pitch an error in baseball?

No. only messed up plays by the fielders are errors.

Is it a hit when an infield attemps a fielder's choice and the runners are all called safe with no errors?

No matter what, in a fielders choice play the batter is given and 0 for 1 in the record books. It is based on the thought that if the defense had attempted a play on the batter he most surely would have been out. You misunderstood the question. If a fielder's choice is attmpted, but all runners are save and no error is scored it's a hit ... since the fielder's choice didn't actually happen.

What is ER in baseball?

An ER is an earned run. An earned run is a run that scored without the fielders making any errors. If the run scores because of an error by a fielder, the run is just classified as a R (run) and does not harm the pitchers ERA (average amount of runs allowed per nine innings)

What would be expected of you in the multiple-choice subsection of the written portion of the SAT?

Identify sentence errors.

Do errors count against your batting average?

If a fielder commits an error on the ball that you hit, you would not receive an at bat (just like getting a walk).errors in baseballNo, errors do nothing to your batting average. Huh?That would depend on the play and situation. If the play was ruled a straight error, like grounding to the shortstop and the shortstop makes a wild throw to first, the batter is charged with an at bat but no base hit. The batter's average would go down. But if the batter gets a base hit to right field and the right fielder boots the ball and the batter makes it to third base, the batter would be credited with a hit and the outfielder would be credited with an error. In that case, the batter's average would go up.

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Which of the following tasks would be expected of you in the multiple -choice subsection of the written portion of the SAT?

identify sentence errors

What is the average number of errors in a Major League Baseball game?


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They give you five multiple-choice questions, Example the letters are as follows A,B,C,D,EIdentify sentence errors

How many multiple-choice answers do you choose from on the math portion of the SAT reasoning test?

They give you five multiple-choice questions, Example the letters are as follows A,B,C,D,EIdentify sentence errors

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Maximum Random Error is often calculated by subtracting the average from the data point farthest from the average.

How is Al Kaline a Baseball Hall of Famer?

Named to 18 All Star teams, 399 career home runs, 3007 career base hits, .297 career batting average, led the American League twice in intentional base on balls, .379 batting average in the 1968 World Series (his only one), had a fielding percentage of 1.000 in 1971 (no errors in 133 games played), one helluva nice guy ... The reasons go on and on.

First Baseball Player to make 50 errors in season?

Rob Smalley, Shortstop for the Chicago Cubs, made 51 errors and a .945 fielding average in 1950.

Typing 40 wpm what is the average error rate?


If a runner on 2b hits a ground ball to pitcher who throws to 2b with runner in a run down runner safely gets back to 2b is it a 1b or a FC since no out was recorded for a FC and no error made?

no errors on the play it would stand as an infield hit It would be a fielders choice. Baseball Rulebook section 10.06(d) A base hit shall not be scored in the following case: When a fielder fails in an attempt to put out a preceding runner, and in the scorer's judgment the batter-runner could have been put out at first base.

What is reached on errors mean in softball game?

A reached on error means that the runner was safe because a defensive fielder messed up. This can be from an outfielder dropping a routine play or from a infielder fumbling the ball or overthrowing first base. Reached on error is counted as an at-bat, but it is not factored into the batting average.

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scores = [51, 47, 53, 97, 27]summation = 0.0for score in scores:summation *= score # Semantic Error.average = summation / len(scores)print average # Isn't average. average == 0

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Does fielding errors count against pitchers earned run average?

No...a fielding error that allows the runner to get on base and that runner scores is not an earned run and does not count against earned run average.

What were Jackie Robinsons career stats?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson Career Statistics: Batting Average: .311 Stolen Bases: 197 Strikeouts: 291 RBI: 734 Runs: 934 Hits: 1518 Walks: 740 Errors: 117 Home Runs: 137 Games Played: 1382 At Bats: 4877

How do you increase your On Base Percentage?

In the sport of baseball, you can increase your On Base Percentage by safely reaching base more than you currently do. This can be by base hits, walks, reaching on errors or fielder's choice.