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Q: Do durmal dimple pircings give you dimples?
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How do you get dimples?

That is the great question! I do not know the answer. I have not read it any where. It is purely a guess work. But it should be correct. Facial muscles are very superficial muscles. In case of the dimple the muscle fibers spread in all the direction away from the dimple site. When the muscle contracts, skin is pulled inside to give you dimple. I have been thinking about the dimple for decades, as I love the dimple very much.

How long do you keep dimple piercings in for?

I'm assuming you want the piercing to create dimples? Its pretty much impossible to give you definitive answer. Everyone heals differently. Some people form dimple-like scars, and others dont. Dimple piercings are notoriously difficult to heal during the first few months, so just be aware of that :)

Does the number of dimples on a golf ball affect its flight?

Yes!! As does their shape and the patterning. To find our more about this and other technical questions... you might want to go to Where Frank Thomas, for Technical Director for the USGA answers lots of technical questions about equipment, balls, etc.

Why dimples on face are formed?

Dimples are the visible indentations in facial skin that are either permanently present on cheeks or chin, or appear temporarily while a person speaks or smiles. Dimples are one of the most dominant facial traits. Generally, dimples are present or appear on both cheeks, but sometime, a rare form of single dimple appears on one cheek. It is believed that dimples are genetically inherited. Studies have found that the parents having dimples give birth to children having dimples. Anatomically, dimples are caused by the facial muscle called zygomaticus major. Dimples are caused when your facial muscle - zygomaticus major, is shorter than normal; it pulls on your skin and forms the indentation in your facial skin. Cheek dimples are formed by the double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle.

How do golf brands decide to place dimples?

The research and development department use CAD to design a dimple pattern and computer software can actually tell them how well it flies. If the results are good, they will make a prototype, which will be hit under test conditions, then by their 'Iron Byron' (A one armed robot with a very good golf swing), then they will give it to their tour players to test in real conditions. A golf ball usually has 330-400 dimples, obviously the more dimples the smaller they will be. The Srixon AD333 was the world's first golf ball with an odd number of dimples. In 2003 Callaway invented the HX Tour which was the world's first and only ball to have hexagonal dimples.

Is a golf ball a100 sided shape?

No, it is a sphere with dimples on it (dimples give the ball a more consistent flight apparently). The number of dimples varies between balls, but its usually in the region of 200-500.

Does sucking your cheeks everyday give you dimples?

No, there is no evidence of it. Dimples are natural indentations in your face, and they have nothing to do with sucking your cheeks. Some researchers believe they are a genetic characteristic, and if you possess the gene for dimples, you will have them. But other researchers disagree, saying they have not yet found which gene is responsible for dimples. But in either case, sucking in your cheeks probably would not give you permanent dimpling, since the skin is flexible and tends to bounce back.

Could you give a sentence with boyish?

The girls love his blue eyes, dimples and boyish grin.

How do you pierce dimples?

You can't actually make dimples deeper, but you can give the illusion of them being deeper by using a dark shading make-up or powder. Apply the darker color in the dimples, but use it sparingly or it will look fake, and a bit odd, too. You should practice a few times to get it right before going out in public.

How do get your gauge to the middle of your ear lobe if it is to close to one side?

Answer 1: As with a piercing that isn't quite at the right angle, or isn't QUITE in the right place, and annoys the crap out of you every day because of that.... there isn't anything you can do.Quasi-pointless side story: When my grandma was a little girl, she had a friend who had dimples, and everyone was always saying how adorable that girl was, and how cute her dimples were, so my grandma thought "I wish *I* had dimples!" And she thought she could give herself dimples by sitting with her fingers pressing into her cheeks. Yeah - trying to get a piercing to move is kind of like that.

What three males carry their babies?

Sea horses are one species. The midwife toad - the most maternal of males carries his young on dimples in his back, has to go through labour to 'give birth to' them.

Is a dimple on a pimple on a money spiders testacle the smallest thing in the world?

No, the dimple on a pimple on a money spider's testicle is not the smallest thing in the world. The Money Spider, so named because of it's small size and it's legend to give those it crawls upon good luck financially would ,if it existed, be made up of hundreds of cells. These cells, the so-called "building blocks of life", would make up the aformentioned dimple, the pimple it is on and the testicle the pimple inhabits as well as the spider it is attached to. On another note, do you really want to think about something like that?