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they get paid

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Q: Do dodge ball players play for free or do they get paid for playing?
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It's a technical foul when a team has six players on the playing court. Who gets the ball after the free throws are shot?

Not a technical but it is a foul and if the person makes the free throw then it's the other teams ball but if they miss it is a live ball

Do all NFL players get free tickets to the super bowl even if they are not playing in it?

No, If you are not playing in the Super Bowl you do not get free tickets to it.

How many runs are scored from a free hit if the players complete 2 runs but the ball is then caught?

only 2 runs because in free hit a batsman facing the ball can't be caught out but he can run out in free hit ball. So if players have completed 2 runs before the ball was caught then only 2 runs they will get.

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

What is a jump ball in basketball?

A jump ball is when two players line up around either the half-court line or the free throw line to jump and tip the ball after a referee throws it up. The rest of the players are around the circle, and both players doing the jump try to tip the ball to a teammate.

Can players not positioned in the lane rebound ball after a missed free throw?

Yes! As long as they dont move before the ball hits the rim.

How do is sign free players in football manager when you just started playing?

you press enter twice

What are some free media players?

There are a variety of free media players available online today. The most common of these players are Apple iTunes, and Windows Media Player, both which are capable of playing both audio and video media.

When can an offensive player move during a free throw?

All players can move once the ball is out of the shooters hands.

How far back for a free kick in football?

All players must be at least 10 metres away from the ball.

How do you train to play good b-ball player?

1. watch b-ball games. 2. practice by your self whenever you're free. first: you practice scoring from different points. second: you practice running and not losing the ball. 3. you start playing with good players, and learning from them by watching their movements and all.

Why is agility needed when playing netball?

In order to change direction and dodge defenders and become free for passes.

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