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It's very unlikely, but it is possible if they are good enough. Majority of players who get drafted are 17 years old but are still eligable until they are 22.

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Q: Do division 3 hockey players get drafted also?
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What do hockey players get out of hockey?

If played correctly, with hustle, and with heart, hockey will teach a player how to work with a team, how to work hard to achiesve something, and how to get up after a brutal hit. Hockey can also condition players legs, core, and upper body. A player will also come away from their hockey career knowing how to throw a wicked punch, which can come in handy.

Do you need to go to collage to play baseball?

No. Attending college is not a requirement. Players are drafted from both high school and college. Some players drafted in high school choose to attend college in an effort to get into a lower draft round. Typically, the lower the draft round, the more money the player makes. Also, some players not drafted in high school attend college in hopes of being drafted.

How does gravity affect hockey?

The most important effect of gravity in hockey is that it keeps the ball on or close to the ground. For that matter it also keeps the players on the ground.

What are mullet haircuts really called?

Mullet is the proper name for them. Also called "hockey hair" because the mullet was quite popular amongst hockey players.

How much do you get paid if you play hockey in the Ontario Hockey League?

Players who choose to play in the Canadian Hockey League, which includes the WHL, OHL, and QMJHL, are considered professional players since they do receive payment for play. Pay is relatively level for the three leagues, with players getting as little as $50.00 each week. This does not include the food and lodging that is given to the players, nor the perdiem that a player may have while on the road, which is minimal or given at team meals. Also not taken into account is the typical agreement of education that is paid for, or will be paid for at a later date, typically at a Canadian university. Once a player is drafted or deemed extremely important to a team does their pay significantly increase. Partly due to the fact that the NHL team that drafted a player subsidizes that players development, and this trickles down to that player.

Where can one find hockey highlights?

Highlights of many hockey games can be found on youtube. They are uploaded by players or teams and sometimes by television companies. The National Hockey League (NHL) also shows some highlights on its website.

Who is the winningest coach in UMass Lowell hockey history?

Bill Riley. He coached the team from 1969-2001, winning 363 games during that span. He also oversaw three Division II National Championships, as well as the team's transition into Hockey East and Division I in 1983-84.

Who were the famous number 10 hockey players?

the ten most famous hockey players are Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Bobby Clark, Mark Messier, Henrik Lundqvist, Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Mike Richter, Evgeni Malkin, and lastly, Brandon Kovulchuk. PS, I'm also not a bad hockey player myself.

Do you have to play in the minor leagues to play in the major leagues?

No, a handful of polished college players go directly to the majors after being drafted, and also most of the Japanese players in the majors never played in the (American) minors.

What sport do players loose teeth?

The sport that is known to have players lose teeth is hockey. When hockey was first created their were no helmets, and people were not aware of the danger of no helmets. Hockey is also known as the sport where fighting is legal until they fall to the ground and during that time you never know when somebody is going to get hit in the mouth.

What ncaa division I-AA school has produced the most NFL players?

the school is Miami also called the factory because of this

Is hockey a striking game?

You do not strike other players, how ever it is an extremly physical game, there is a alot of physical contact between players, you also have boards, pucks and sticks that add additional physicality to the game.