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nar mate, just gotta skate

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Q: Do dc shoes make skateboarding better?
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What kind of shoes does DC Shoes specialize in making?

DC Shoes were originally intended for outdoor sports, specifically skateboarding. In fact, DC Shoes has their own skateboarding team. The shoes are popular with other sports as well, including snowboarding.

Are dc skateboarding shoes?

they can be skate boarding shoes or they can be just normal shoes to wear

What is the best skateboarding shoes brand?

i got to dc are the best shoes others have different postions to the shoes depends what you like. I choose Lakai

Are ipath good skate shoes?

Well Ipath are actually not good shoes, if youre looking skateboarding shoes dont get ipath they are bad you should get some lakai, circa, eS, vans, emerica, and DC. or other skateboarding shoes.

What does DC shoe brand mean?

DC Shoes is an American footwear company specialing in shoes for skateboarding as well as snowboarding boots, shirts, jeans, hats, and jackets and more

What does DC skateboarding stand for?

DC originally stood for "Droors Clothing", but since the sale of Droors Clothing (which is now defunct), DC no longer has ties to Droors and is simply DC Shoes.

What are some large manufacturers of skateboarding shoes?

There are a number of manufacturers of skateboarding shoes. They include Converse, DC, Vans, Emerica and Vox. Each brand offers their own style, providing many options for the shoppers.

Which shoes are better converse or DC?

DC all the way

What brands of shoes specialize in boys skateboard shoes?

There are several popular brands of boys skateboard shoes. The most well-known include DC Shoes, Globe Kids, and Circa. Other athletic shoe companies such as ADIDAS and Nike also make skateboarding shoes.

What is better Ecko shoes or DC shoes?

DC shoes are better, without a doubt. Much more comfortable and more attractive. Although both are "skater" shoes, DC's last a very long time and are very durable.

How do fox shoes fit compared to dc shoes?

i think better cause dc runs small

Are Nike shoes better than vans?

No. Vans has a long history in skateboarding. They design their shoes with that sport in mind. While Nike makes a good shoe overall, the Vans shoes are more mature in skateboarding shoe technology and modifications. yeah vans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Vans are fu***** awsome!!! they are sooo comfortable, I tryed DC but they suck compared to vans! get vans!!!

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