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No, team coaches do not take the medal podium and therefor do not receive medals for their teams achievements in any Olympic sport.

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Q: Do coaches of Olympic sports such as Basketball and Baseball receive medals?
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Which Olympic champions do not receive medals?

coaches basketball and baseball

Do American coaches receive anything when their Olympic team wins the gold?


Do Olympic coaches get medals when their teams win gold?

No, in the Olympics, only athletes receive medals.

Why do coaches of olympic sports teams not receive medals?

Because that was how the tradition was. They did not compete, should we give them medals for that?

Do the coaches of the Olympic gold medal winners receive a medal or any other recognition for their team's accomplishment?

Sadly, No But, I'm sure the winner does something for them

Do I automatically receive a C coaches license if I played college soccer?

No you will not get your coaches licence that way.

Why was baseball sofball dropped from Olympics?

Both sports did not receive enough votes by the International Olympic Committee members to continue

What prizes do the olympic winners receive as well as a gold medal?

they receive a medal

Do all players on winning team receive a Super Bowl ring?

yes! - as do the coaches.

Do the coaches of gold medal winners receive a medal also?

no I don't believe so

How much do the Olympic softball players get paid?

Olympic sportsmen/women are amateurs they do not receive payment.

How much extra bonus do college coaches get for winning bowl games?

The amount of bonuses a college coach may receive is based on the contract, the sport and the school. Some coaches may receive hundreds of thousands for a winning a bowl game.

When did winners in the Ancient Olympic games receive?

An olive wreath

What did you receive if you won the ancient Olympic games?

an olive leaf!

What did the winners receive in the ancient Olympic games?

A head wreath.

What are the consequences for fighting in Olympic hockey?

Players fighting in Olympic hockey receive a match penalty and are ejected from the game.

What is the combined professional salaries of the Olympic basketball team?

The athletes are unpaid, minus the prize money they receive for winning medals. Outside of the Olympics the various athletes' professional annual salaries sum to over $9.

What did the winners receive at the 1900 Paris Olympic games?

Cups or trophies.

In the Olympic games today what does a winner receive?

Large sponsorship deals.

What prize did winners receive in the Ancient Olympic Games?

A head wreath.

Do all participants receive medals in olympic relays?

All team members receive a medal earned by their team.

Did Ralph cox get an olympic medal?

Unfortunately, he was cut of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team and did not receive a medal.

How much money does an athelete get for a gold medal?

Olympic athletes do not get paid for the medals they win. They do not receive pay for participating. U.S. medalists receive cash prizes from the U.S. Olympic committee. Gold medal winners receive $25,000, silver medal winners receive $15,000, and bronze medal winners receive $10,000.

Can you receive your own shot in basketball?

Yes, that is called a re-bound

Do USA olympic winners receive free college or any other benefit?

not in a million years will a Olympic win cash money