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I'm guessing you're a guy(: No, we always wear spankies.

yes its required at my school if we dont we get kicked of

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โˆ™ 2009-10-03 05:36:29
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Q: Do cheerleaders sometimes don't wear bloomers?
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Why do cheerleaders wear bloomers for?

cheerleaders wear bloomers to cover up their private parts when the jump and flip!!

Do cheerleaders wear underwear?

Cheerleaders do wear underwear. The then put bloomers on top to prevent their underwear from showing.

Do cheerleaders wear underware?

Yes they wear underwear but they wear bloomers over them do you don't see it. Hope this helped :)

What are the things called that cheerleaders wear underneath of their uniforms?

they are called bloomers they are kind of like underwear

What do cheerleaders wear under their skirt?

other than there underwear they wear "bloomers" or short shorts otherwise known as spankies

What do cheerleaders wear under their skirts?

other than there underwear they wear "bloomers" or short shorts otherwise known as spankies

Do Irish dancers wear bloomers under their dresses?

Irish dancers don't wear bloomers, but wear more of a pair of giant knickers.-Actually yes, they do wear bloomers. I am an Irish dancer and most people wear bloomers under their dress so when they kick high, you don't see their underwear. Some people wear tights instead of bloomers, but only if it matches their dress.

Why do cheerleaders wear skirts?

I think that cheerleaders wear Skirts to bring out there pride

What do male cheerleaders wear?

male cheerleaders wear a shirt and shorts. Like in this picture:

Why do the cheerleaders wear cheerleader uniforms?

Um....because they're cheerleaders?

Do cheerleaders wear briefs?


Why do cheerleaders wear bows?

to be decorative.

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