Do cheerleaders get waxed

Updated: 10/22/2022
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its the cheerleaders choice... wait if you are young

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Q: Do cheerleaders get waxed
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What is the plural possessive nouns of cheerleaders?

The possessive form of the plural noun 'cheerleaders' is cheerleaders'.example: The cheerleaders' practice is at three today.

How do you spell waxed?

Waxed is the correct spelling.

What does get your jugs waxed mean?

Getting booty waxed

Is Avril Lavigne waxed?

She gets her legs waxed now and again :D She gets her legs waxed now and again :D She gets her legs waxed now and again

What is the antecedent for they the cheerleaders?

If 'they' are the 'cheerleaders', then 'cheerleaders' is the noun antecedent. The antecedent is the noun (or pronoun) that a pronoun replaces.example: The cheerleaders are on the field and they are ready to perform.

Does WNBA have cheerleaders?

No the WNBA doesn't have cheerleaders, but they do have dancers.

What is a waxed hat?

A waxed hat refers to a bald man

What are football cheerleaders called?

Sideline Cheerleaders

Does ucla have cheerleaders?

Yes, UCLA has cheerleaders.

In which sport do you have cheerleaders?

There are cheerleaders in the sport of American Football.

Who is better the cowboys cheerleaders or the redskins cheerleaders?


What is the duration of The Cheerleaders?

The duration of The Cheerleaders is 1.27 hours.