Do boys like cheerleaders more than football?

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2009-05-22 11:58:59

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i believe that boys only like the cheerleaders not the sport its self. some boys might like it but they are more interested in football

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2009-05-22 11:58:59
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Q: Do boys like cheerleaders more than football?
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Do football players love cheerleaders more?


Do all star cheerleaders or football players get hurt more?

All star cheerleaders get more hurt because they get tossed and football players don't really do anything.......

Do 12 year old boys like girls that play soccer?

well, i dont think so. at the age of 12, young boys are more attracted to cheerleaders

Who gets hurt more a cheerleader or a football player?

Cheerleaders Football players all the way!!!!!!!!Football is harder because one you get trucked, and two cheerleaders are on the side line for a reason so they don't get hurt. Football players defiantly get hurt way more. I'm not talking feelings!

What are cheerleaders to football?

cheerleaders are there to incourage the team and pump up the players and crowd. mainly to make the game more lively expecially during half time

What kind of sports do boys like?

Boys usually like sports that are more rough, like football or hockey, but some prefer the less dangerous sports like basketball or baseball

Do cheerleaders do more than football players?

sometimes its possible but all sports work very hard

What is more popular girls football or boys football?

It's all about men's football.

Does bush like cheerleaders?

Yes he does more than his wife

Are girl football teams more successful than boy football teams?

boys is more good

Why did the Dallas Cowboys get cheerleaders?

so more people would like them

Where do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders cheer?

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are more like a dance group than traditional cheerleaders. But you can see them on the sidelines of all Dallas home games at Cowboys Stadium.

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