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no do not

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Q: Do boarding schools have a football team?
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Are there boarding schools in Pakistan?

yes there are boarding schools in pakistan

Can you provide a list of boarding schools in America?

The biggest list of boarding schools available at the moment is at there you will find all there is about boarding schools.

Are there specific boarding schools for troubled teens, or can I send my child to any boarding school of my choice?

There are many boarding schools and military schools or troubled teens in Texas. The following website lists all the boarding schools in the Texas area

Does bluefield high schools football team suck?


What UC schools don't have a football team?


How many boarding schools are there in the UK?

In 1998, there were 772 private boarding schools in the UK.

How Many Boarding Schools are in the UK?

As of 1998, there were 772 private boarding schools in the UK.

Are there military boarding schools in North Carolina?

There are military boarding schools in North Carolina. One of these military boarding schools is the Oak Ridge Military Academy.

What has the author Stephen Kenneth Hodnett written?

Stephen Kenneth Hodnett has written: 'SPORTS BOARDING SCHOOLS' -- subject(s): BOARDING schools -- Sport -- Comparisons, SPORT -- Boarding schools -- Comparisons, SCHOOLS, Boarding -- Sport -- Comparisons

What are the schools when you stay at the school?

Boarding schools!

Are there any boarding schools in Karachi Pakistan?

No, but there are a number of boarding schools in other cities in Pakistan.

Where can I inquire anything about boarding schools for me to get started?

Refer to your country's local Ministry of Education to inquire about boarding schools and their availability. In general, boarding schools are schools that students live and study within. Boarding schools are seen by many as advantageous due to the lifestyle of discipline that it promotes.

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