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depending on what it is but usually they do.

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Q: Do bmx riders ride everything
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Where are bmx bikes used?

Wherever the riders wants to ride them.

Are there any gay bmx bike riders?

Yes, there are many gay BMX bike riders

Can you do bmx tricks without brakes?

Absolutely, the best riders all ride brakeless. But, if you ride on the road brakes can save your life. In most places they're even required by law.

What kind of bmx bikes do pro riders ride?

There's hundreds of different kinds of bmx bikes there's Eastern bikes, Fit bikes,free agent bikes, diamondback bikes, even some bmxers use pro mongoose bikes.

How did bmx riding evolve?

bmx riding evolved from two professional riders from back in the set of BMX BANDITS. two professional bmx riders called kimmie pitman and kyall renshaw evolved the bmxing sport after they were seen doing double no-hander backflips over street curbs.

Who are the best bmx riders?

Shelby van deventer

What bmx does jamie bestwick ride?

He rides bmx and does only vert

What kind of bmx did davemirra ride in 2009?

a bmx version of a mongoose

How do you ride bmx?

The way you ride any bike.

What education do bmx riders need?

Can't tell what you're thinking of here. To ride a bmx you need to be a ble to ride a bmx. There are bmx schools where you can get coaching, but most are self-taught. Since going pro is very, very difficult and rare to pull off, get an education that can get you a job if you don't turn pro. Or can get you a job when you you lose your sponsors deals. Or simply can't ride well enough to be competitive any more. Study enough to know some business math and business language. If you manage to turn pro, you will need to check that the deals you are signing are fair.

What is the best place to ride freestyle bmx in the us?

probably the skate park near the sub station that's where i ride bmx

How frequently do elite bmx riders train?

As much as possible

How many Pro BMX riders are there?

there are about 3 percent brian

What is Sarah walker bmx riders favorite food?


Famous bmx riders from Ireland?

shelby van deventer

Who are some professional young bmx riders?

brett banasiewics

What was the first bmx?

The first bicycle made specifically to mimmick the motocross riders that early BMX riders were mimmicking was the Yamaha Moto-Bike in 1973. The first official BMX bike, with the frame design as we know it today, was in late 1974 with the introduction of the Redline Squareback.

How do you use bmx in GTA San Andreas?

you press F and you can ride the BMX

Why do BMX riders ride brakeless?

Some Freestyle and street BMXers ride brakeless. It's all up to you and your comforts. BMX bikes typically have one brake, in the rear. A rear brake is enough to slow a BMX bike or eventually stop it. If you do all your riding in a controlled environment like a skate park, then there isn't much use for a brake, and it's one more thing that can get damaged when the bike is tossed around. But if you ever ride in traffic it's very sensible to have at least one brake. Usually legally required too.

Is bmx mad?

Well, there are riders who take some serious risks for pretty silly reasons, but you can find that in any sport. BMX as such isn't mad.

What products are sold by Fit Bike Co besides bicycles?

Fit Bike Company sells everything BMX. From bicycle seats to helmets, Fit Bike Company has anything one might need to ride a bike and several BMX licensed products.

What was kamakazi the olympic bmx riders real nmae?

jamie aadam hilderbrandt

How many BMX riders are there world wide?

Nobody will ever know the exact number.

How can you get disqualified in bmx?

you CAN get disqualified by taking people out, looking behind you and distracting other riders.

What do pro BMX riders lubricate the chain with?

inox or chain lube from a bike shop