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No simple answer to that. Both BMX and MTBs have several different types of bottom brackets. Some of these are interchangeable, some aren't.

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2010-12-20 09:56:57
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Q: Do bmx cranks fit a mountain bike?
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Will a bmx chainring sprocket fit on a mountain bike i have a carrera vulcan and i just want it all single speed and i have a bmx eastern sprocket will it fit?

It will if you have bmx (or bmx style) cranks.

Is mongoose logo 2010 bmx bike a good bike?

All mongoose bmx are horrible! if you are looking for a good bmx bike look at Fit, kink, haro bmx bikes.

What products are sold by Fit Bike Co besides bicycles?

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Can a race bmx bike use mountain bike wheels?

No. BMX wheel size is 20" while most common MTB wheel size is 26". The MTB wheels just won't fit. Drop out width is different too.

Would a three piece crank for a mountain bike work for a BMX?

yes... if you have the right bottom bracket... it has to fit the cranks as in 19 20 21 or 22mm most likely......... and it has to be the right size for the frame.. if its bmx it will probably be US size or euro, spanish or standard. if you find the right bottom bracket with the right size bearings then yes..

What is the best stunt bmx you can get?

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What is the best bmx bike for dirt?

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What size bmx bike for a 12yr old?

Twenty inch fit Homan.

What is the most preferred bmx bike?

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How do you fit a bmx sprocket?

the easiest way is to go to your local bike shop

What is the best street bmx bike for use on dirt you can get for around 350 Australian dollars?


Can you use bmx grips as dirt bike grips?

it may be a snug fit but it is doable

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