Do big burly men play football?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Football players can be big in stature, but not all football player are. Size ranges from 6' to 6'4" and 275 lbs to 300 lbs.

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Q: Do big burly men play football?
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Because it is a brilliant sport and it helps for our health .

What sports do men and women play?

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Women in football?

Why not? There are now over 100 teams women's tackle football teams in the US. The most common response from a doubter after seeing them play - "Wow, it's real tackle football!" In the main women's tackle football leagues in the US it's full gear, full tackle football, just like the men play. The only difference besides being women vs men is the women typically play with a smaller ball (the junior or youth version.)

Is there a football team in the job corps?

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No for the simple reason women do not play their football matches with men. They play a ladies match verses a ladies match.

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Men can play football (woman can but not to often) and baseball as girls play softball. There are many other advantages but that doesn't mean men are better athletes.

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because women are naturally and physically weak. Its not just football, but also in other games they proved to be low than men. I think every body should realize this fact

How could a girl join a men's professional soccer league?

impossible, the fa only allow girls to play football with men upto the age of 10