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Yes defiintely.

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Q: Do basketballs that are fully inflated bounce better than flatter ones?
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Why is composite leather used in basketballs?

It is better for bounce and it seals in air better than standard leather.

Do all balls bounce and why?

All balls will bounce based on the surface you bounce it on. Even a bowling ball will bounce at least a centimeter or half a centimeter even though it is hard to determine whether it is getting off the ground or not. Of course it wont bounce if you bounce it on something soft and break through, but it will bounce on a hard cement floor. It will bounce because it will have potential energy weighing it down and if the floor is harder than the ball, the ball will move off like opposite sides of a magnet. but only for a while until our gravity pulls it down and stops it. Hope that helped.

Will more air in a basketball make it bounce higher?

Yes. More air in the basketball will make it bounce higher. Yes. Replacing the air with even a lighter gasses, such as helium, results in a higher bounce. It follows that, removing air or using heavier gasses to inflate a ball will result in a lower bounce. YES. Adding more air to the ball lessens the particles in the ball to bounce around. Putting more air in a basket ball will definitely make it bounce higher. If you put light gasses in it like helium then it will bounce even higher. If you take air out of it, it will bounce lower.After a while of putting air in a basketball it starts to bounce lower.

What is bounce pass in basketball?

Lol, If you don't know what a bounce pass is, then do not try out for basketball! It's when you pass the ball, but instead of throwing it, You bounce it on the floor to pass it to your team-ate. It's in the name..Too

What does the kenyan flag represent?

Bounce N Boom