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Basketball players do not dribble with both hands on the ball at the same time. Doing so would result in a penalty.

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Q: Do basketball players dribbles with both hands?
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Are basketball players more athletic then dancers?

no,both the basketball players and the dancers do almost equal exercise

How many players are there in basketball?

5, from both team

What is double dribbling in basketball?

dribbling with both hands

What is double dribble in basketball?

when you use both hands

What are the two types of double dribbles in basketball?

The first Double Dribble is when you start dribbling and then stop, and then start dribbling again. The second double dribble is when you dribble the ball simultaneously with both hands and when you dribble from right to left every dribble.

How players are there in basketball?

5 players for both teams are allowed on the court at once. They can have any number of bench players

Can you compare and contrast soccer and basketball?

yes. well soccer has 11 players while basketball has 5 players. Similarities: both sports use balls. Basketball is a indoor sport and soccer is a outdoor sport. Both sports are played with a ball.

What is it called when both basketball teams have their hands on the ball?

Jump ball

What is it called when you use both hands to dribble a basketball?

double dribble

What is 2v2 in basketball and how do you do it?

It's just a regular game of Basketball, except both teams only have 2 players.

Do you got any good basketball jokes?

What do babies and basketball players have in common? They both dribble

How do you determine possession of the basketball if both teams have their hands on the ball?

Jump ball.....(in case you don't know what that is, the two players who had their hand on the ball stand opposite to each other and the ref tosses the ball up, the players then have to tip the ball to their teammates)

What is the minimum amount of players on a basketball court at a time?

10 for both teams combined

What are the basketball players who played for both San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics?


In basketball what is a pass made with both hands aimed at the receivers waist?

chest pass

Who makes the best training videos for young basketball players? and both offer well-respected basketball training videos.

How do you throw a chest past in basketball?

hold the ball above your chest with both hands then pass

What is an over head pass in basketball?

A pas that starts over the head and throws with both hands.

Why do basketball players have to switch sides of the court after halftime?

The players switch sides after halftime to give both teams equal opportunities to win the game.

Is a guard a offensive player or defensive player?

All players in basketball play both offense and defense.

What is the same about Lebron James and Michael Jordan?

They both have had many triple doubles, are known as the best basketball players in their time, and are both clutch shooters.

Who are Yao Ming's parents?

Yao Zhiyuan and Fang Fengdi, both of whom were former professional basketball players

When someone passes you the ball in basketball how should you catch it?

with both hands. then put it on the floor and dribble!! try to shoot

Man u top ten highest paid player?

The top ten highest paid payers are football players and basketball players. They both get paid millions.

Does each player have to put both hands on a Ouija board?

No, just three fingers of the players' choice.