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No they don't. Australia like other parts of the world, including South American and Europe, use the word "Football".

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โˆ™ 2014-11-20 21:06:14
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Q: Do australians say soccer
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What kind games do they Australians play?

Soccer? :L

What is the name of the Australian Women's soccer team?

The Australians Women's soccer team is known as the Matildas.

Are Australians good at soccer?

Yes, Australians are very good at football and play just like most of the world does.

How do Australians say street?

Australians speak English so we just say.... street

How do Australians say thank you?

Most Australians simply say "thank you". The casual slang phrase also commonly used is "no worries".

Do Americans lika australians?

so they say.

Do australians play soccer the same way Americans do?

Well it dominates austrailias culture just a little bit more then it does Americans lol... soo im gonna say... no

What sport do the Australians do?

Mostly AFL Others major sports include: Soccer Cricket Tennis Hockey Swimming.( There is more) Australians do basically every sport in the world.

Do Australians say hey mate?

Yes, but some Australians say "g'day mate!" They are also just as likely to say, "Hello" or "Hi", with or without the "mate". Australians are not all the antipodean yobboes (look it up) that they are portrayed as in American television shows.

How do you say soccer in French?

You say "le foot".that is how you say "soccer" in French.-kfugate01

How do you say how are you today in Australian?

Australians speak English.

How do you say welcome to Australia in Australia?

Australians simply say "Welcome to Australia".

Are there any special sports that Australians play?

Australians enjoy a number of different sports, including AFL, cricket, soccer, basketball - all sports also enjoyed by other countries.

How do you say plays as in soccer in spanish?

jugar is used to say play sport. If your trying to say "to play soccer" you would say "jugar futbol(soccer in spanish)"

How do you say soccer and football in french?

soccer: foot

How do you say merry Christmas iAustralian?

Australians speak English....

How do you say kid in Australian?

Australians speak English. So, you would say "kid".

Does soccer rock or rule?

Soccer ROCKS or Soccer RULES if you were wondering about how to say it

What are the needs and wants of Australians?

Because Australians are the same as everybody else on the planet, and everyone is different, it is impossible to say what their needs and wants are.

How do they say soccer in England?

They say "soccer" in a British accent. Either that, or they would refer to it as "football".

How do you soccer in Japanese?

If you mean "How do you SAY soccer in Japanese?", then the answer is "sakkā".

How do Australians say their numbers?

The same way English and Americans say them but with a Crocodile Dundee accent.

What to say when you want to go play soccer with your friends?

You say "hey guys want to play soccer"

How do you say soccer in Korean?

Soccer/football = 축구 = Chug-gu

How do you say soccer cups in German?

soccer cups = Fußball Pokale