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Serge and Durant have homes next door to each other in Galardia

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Q: Do any of OKC Thunder players have homes in Okla?
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Who is the girl singing with okc thunder players in the commercial for Chrysler jeep and dodge of okc?

The tune is the 1961 classic hit song "Norman" by Sue Thompson.

Who will win the playoffs?

Okc thunder

What team did Harden change from?

Okc thunder

What is the okc thunder logo font?

Industria Solid

How many championships have okc thunder won?


When were okc thunder founded?

They were founded in 1967 in Seattle. They used to be The Seattle super sonics then they moved to Okc in 2008

Who is a 6'7'' point guard in NBA?

shaun livingston okc thunder

Who was the OKC Thunder Small Forward before Kevin Durant?

Look up the roster to the seattle supersonics, okc raped us

What is the name of the basketball team in Seattle Washington?

Seattle supersonic/OKC thunder

Has okc thunder been in a nba finals before?

Yes, they lost to the Miami Heat

What is the title of the soundtrack in btv's latest commercial featuring okc thunder?

Come Closer~ Miles Kane

How many titles has Lebron James won?

1.He just beat the OKC Thunder in 5 games

Will the Thunder trade Kevin Durant?

Why would they trade him? He says he will resign with OKC . OKC can't resign him until July. No, Thunder won't trade Durant. ----------------------------------------------------- yes, the same day the magic trade Dwight howard, and the heat trade Dwayne wade or lebron

How many NBA titles has lebron james won?

1.He just beat the OKC Thunder in 5 games

Who won lakers vs okc?

In the 2010 NBA playoff series, the Lakers beat the Thunder 4-2 games.

When did the Oklahoma start the Oklahoma thunders?

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the Hornets relocated to OKC for the 05-06 and 06-07 seasons. It did so well in OKC the NBA took notice and decided to move the Seattle Super Sonics to OKC. Oklahoma City Thunder Est. 2008

Are there flights to OKC?

are there Flights to OKC?

Is the Seattle supersonics the same as the Oklahoma city?

No lol but it was an old team lasting untill '09 that soon changed to okc thunder

Is Oklahoma City thunder better than the Miami Heat?

OKC by far! The Heat are to cocky and LeBron thinks he's so good but he's not.

What player from the OKC Thunder and the Memphis Grizzlies played together in high school?

Marc Gasol & James Hardin - both played in HS together in Memphis, TN

Who will dallas mavericks play for in the semifinals 2011?

They have played the OKC Thunder and defeated them 4-1 in a 7 game series. Now they play the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

What is the name of the airport in OKC?

Will Rogers World Airport (IATA: OKC, ICAO: KOKC)

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OKC plus nunu likes kim r

How many air miles from OKC to Belize City?

1,182 air miles from OKC to BZE.

Does the seattle supersonics NBA championship NBA finals appearances and retired numbers count for the Oklahoma city thunder franchise?

No. When the Thunder moved to OKC, the city of Seattle retained the rights to the Supersonic name, logo, and all other affiliated things including records