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All first team Pro Bowl players get paid. All Alternates who accept the invitation to play get paid. If an Alternate is named to the tem and declines, they are not considered to be Pro Bowl players and they do not get paid.

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Q: Do all pro bowl players named get paid?
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How much do NFL players get paid for winning the Super Bowl MVP?

The MVP gets the same as all the other players on the winning team, 48,000 dollars.

Do MLB players get paid for playing in the All-Star game?

No, They do not get paid

How much do MLB players get paid?

It all depends on the players contract and who they play for

What sports has the highs pay players in the world?

It depends. Some players in the nfl are paid higher than the players in the mlb. Some players in the mlb are higher paid than players in the nfl. It all depends on the player.

How many current Pats players don't have Super Bowl rings?

Presently all but four players.

Do all players on a winning team get a Super Bowl ring?


How many tickets do players in the super bowl get?

35% of all tickets

Do players get paid for making the all star team in baseball?


Do coaches get paid if there is a NFL lockout?

do n f l players get paid at all during lock out

Do all NFL players get free tickets to the super bowl even if they are not playing in it?

No, If you are not playing in the Super Bowl you do not get free tickets to it.

How much are the Black Eyed Peas paid to perform at the Super Bowl half time?

They didn't get paid at all

It is fair that welsh rugby players get paid and women rugby players don't?

It has to be remembered that until recently (2003) Union players were not paid at all. The female game is developing and the gate money is increasing as is the sponsorship.

Is a will necessary if all monetary assets have beneficiaries named?

Someone has to make sure all debts are paid and all taxes filed and paid. And beneficiaries are only named in a will, at least as far as the law is concerned.

In the NFL what is a pro bowl?

the pro bowl is a game in which the best players from each team are elected to play in an all-star game

Does the NFL represent all teams in the pro bowl?

No. Not all teams are represented in the Pro Bowl. Only players voted in by the fans, players and coaches make the Pro Bowl roster. In the last Pro Bowl (2012 season) six teams did not have at least one player on the roster. The teams were: Chargers, Jaguars, Titans, Panthers, Eagles and Rams.

How much do soccer players get paid when they make a goal?

It all depends, some players receive nothing, others will get say £10k. It all goes with a goal bonus in the players contract

Do players who get selected for the us army all American bowl have to pay a team fee?


Do all players on winning team receive a Super Bowl ring?

yes! - as do the coaches.

Do all players on the team get Super Bowl rings?

Yes--the trainers and staff too.

How much does a college soccer player get paid?

Generally, college players in any sport are not paid directly. Instead, top players often have scholarships to pay from some or all of their tuition, which may vary significantly between schools. A player who does not have a scholarship may not be paid at all.

How many players on the Seattle Seahawks have ever played in a super bowl?

No one on the Seahawks has played in a Super Bowl before. Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first time for all of them.

Do you get paid at Manchester city football academy?

Yes all players are paid a small amount compared to the real team.

How much do players get paid for playing in the MLB all-star game?

they dont

Do Northern Ireland international football players get paid?

Yes. They are all professionals.

Why do NFL players get paid?

They get paid alot because that is their job and as any other job the better the work the more they get paid. The get paid alot because of the money that comes in from all the fans