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Q: Do UFC fighters get paid for training?
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Is mike brown in UFC undisputed 2009?

No WEC fighters are in UFC Undisputed, as they are not UFC fighters.

How many UFC fighters are from Louisiana?

Tim Credeur, Melvin Guillard, and Dustin Poirie are UFC fighters from Louisana.

What work ervironment do UFC fighters work in?

Many UFC fighters train at high altitudes in places like New Mexico and Colorado.

Are UFC fighters tested for steroids?


Why isn't Scott Adkins in the UFC?

Because he doesn't think UFC fighters are tough enough for him

What does Fighting Out Of Mean in UFC?

It's the location they are currently staying and training at. The announcer will name the fighters hometown and then say what town they are "fighting out of". Fighters oftentravel away from home to train with a good MMA team for months at a time.

Can UFC fighters fight in pride mode?

Yes, they can.

Are there any UFC fighters from Alabama?

Marcus Brimage

How often are UFC fighters allowed to compete?

About every 3 months as most UFC fighters get 90-day medical suspensions following bouts due to injuries.

What wec fighters went to UFC?

well alot of ufc fighters came from WEC for example urijah faber, dominick cruz , benson henderson and anthony pettis

Is a drowning pool useful for UFC fighters?

UFC fighters do not utilize a "drowning pool". If the question is directed toward music selection, given that Drowning Pool is a heavy metal band, then music's usefulness to UFC fighters should be left up to others to decide, a la promoters.

Is ufc the same as karate?

UFC is not the same a karate. UFC is a Mixed Martial Art. Some of the UFC fighters have trained in karate and put the skills to use in the ring.