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They get paid if they have sponsors, but other than that, no.

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Q: Do Pro Basketball players get paid during lockout?
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Do nba players play the season during a lockout?

No because they are not getting paid

Do coaches get paid if there is a NFL lockout?

do n f l players get paid at all during lock out

Does nfl players still get paid if there is a lockout?

No they do not.

What year were basketball players paid?

The first time basketball players got paid was in 1896

Who gets paid more by game basketball players or soccer players?

basketball players

In what year did basketball players get paid to play?

he year basketball players began being paid was 1896

Where and when were the first basketball players paid?

they first payed basketball players in 1896

Who Get Paid More Basketball Players or Football Players?

Football get paid the most.

In what year did basketball players start getting paid to play?

the year basketball players began being paid was 1896

Should college basketball players be paid to play basketball?


What did the basketball players get paid in 1891?


How do pro basketball players get paid?

with money

Do basketball players get paid extra for a dunk?


How much to euroleague basketball players get paid?

the top players get paid 30-50 million

Why did the nhl lockout happen?

Both the players and team owners were greedy and wanted to be paid more.

Do NFL players get paid if there is a lockout in2011?

The NFL said they would pay all players $200,000 but that won't matter because the lockout is supposed to end very soon according to ESPN

Do NFL players get paid while on suspension?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

In what year were basketball players first paid?


How much is European basketball players get paid?

in cupcakes

What are some opportunities for basketball players?

They get paid to play.

Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp

How much do wheelchair basketball players get paid?


Who gets paid more a basketball player or football player?

Basketball players

Which gets paid more Basketball player or a judge?

basketball players by far

Who gets paid more a football player or a basketball player?

basketball players