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No, team coaches do not take the medal podium and therefor do not receive medals for their teams achievements in any Olympic sport.

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Yes along with the 12 players on their roster

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Q: Do Olympic basketball coaches get medals?
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Which Olympic champions do not receive medals?

coaches basketball and baseball

Why do coaches of olympic sports teams not receive medals?

Because that was how the tradition was. They did not compete, should we give them medals for that?

How many Olympic medals award for a winning basketball?


Do Olympic coaches get medals when their teams win gold?

Yes, but not by the International Olympic Committee. It's the various national sports organizations (including the local Olympic Committees) that give the athlethes prize money for medals won.

How many medals did the Opals basketball team in the past Olympic games?


Who holds the record for most Olympic medals won in basketball?

Teresa Edwards, USA

How many times have US won world basketball championships?

the Olympic team has won 31 gold medals in basketball.

How many gold medals does russia have in basketball?

0. The Soviet Union, of which Russia was a member, won 4 Olympic gold medals in basketball ... 2 in men's competition (1972, 1988) and 2 in women's competition (1976, 1980). Russia has won a total of 2 bronze medals in Olympic basketball ... both in women's competition (2004, 2008).

Do alternates get medals in Olympic gymnastics?

Olympic alternates don't get medals in team events, unless at some point in time they participate in the event to any extent. The alternates aren't alone however, coaches don't get medals either

Did the 2008 olympic basketball team win the gold for US?

As of August 17, 2008- no medals have been awarded yet for basketball.

Australia's Olympic medals in basketball?

Australia has won 3 medals (2 silver, 1 bronze) at the Summer Games in basketball. All medals have been won by the women's team who won silver in 2000 and 2004 and bronze in 1996.

How many medals have the Australian mens basketball team won at past olympic games?

0.Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the Australian men's basketball team has never won an Olympic medal.