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I wear size US 9.5 shoes and US 10 nike tiempos. I would go a half size bigger than shoe size

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Q: Do Nike Tiempo Legend III FG run small?
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What soccer cleats does Javier Hernandez wear?

The Nike Tiempo Legend III.

Which Chelsea player wears Nike Tiempo Legend III?

Asheley Cole

What shoes does chicharito wear?

Chicharito wears nike tiempo legend iii

Should I get the Nike Mercurial Talaria or the Nike TIEMPO III?

nike mercurial - speed nike tiempo - touch answer is nike tiempo

Which is better in terms of quality and performance Nike Mercurial Veloce CTR360 Trequartista III or Tiempo Legacy?

In terms of quality and performance, Nike Trequartista III is better than Tiempo Legacy and Veloce CTR360.

Nike tiempo legend III or Adidas adipure I or Adidas predator powerswerve?

Predator powerswerve. No doubt. It increases your power, ball placement, and control. Probably my favorite boot ever.

If you were to choose between a Diadora lx k mg and a Nike tiempo legend iii which would you choose?

Definitely the Tiempos. I've found Diadoras to be a bit subpar, and, let's face it, the red and white Tiempos look sick. Shell out the extra ten bucks for the nicer boots.

What are better Nike Hyperven Phatal or Nike CTR369 Trequartista iii for a defensive midfielder?

Nike CTR369 Trequartista iii is better than Nike Hypervenom Phatal for a defensive midfielder.

When did Final Fantasy Legend III happen?

Final Fantasy Legend III happened in 1991.

When does nike make new football cleats?

The Nike Air Legend III and the rest of the nike line of soccer cleats will come out in october of 2009. This includes the new vapors, and the new 360s (instead of the total 90s. I saw them in a catolog in a soccer shop. They will have a baby blue color.

When was Final Fantasy Legend III created?

Final Fantasy Legend III was created on 1991-12-13.

Does Nike still make Bo Jackson shoes?

yup their also called nike air trainer III