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no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number

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โˆ™ 2009-11-16 23:03:14
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Q: Do NHL players wear 00
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What hockey players wear the number 00 in the nhl?


What NHL players wear the M11 helmet?

Some players on the Ducks....

What type of girdles do nhl players wear?

They dont wear girdles they wear pants

Is it a rule that you can't wear a full cage helmet in the NHL?

You can in-fact wear a full cage in the NHL. The reason why players do not wear a cage is because it obstructs vision.

Which players in the NHL wear the number 25?

Cam Jansen

What NHL players wear number 9?

Zach Parise

What NHL players wear number 2?

ya mum

Why don't NHL players wear neck guards?

Some NHL goaltenders do wear some form of neck protection, but it is not required equipment for 'skaters'.

When do NHL teams wear conference jerseys?

Players playing in the All Star games wear them

What players wear jersey number 42 in the NHL?

kyle wellwood

Which NHL players wear number 16?

Sean Avery nyr

Which nhl players wear number 1?

Alot of goalies use #1.

What players wear number 96 in the NHL?

Fabian Brunnstrom of the Dallas Stars

Why are NHL players required to wear helmets?

NHL Players are required to wear Helmets for two reasons. One is if the fall, of corse. And two is because of the Hitting. One thing though is that the NHL Goaltenders do NOT need to wear a helmet. As the "NHL Rules" only said that "Goaltenders are highly suggested to wear a sort of protective helmet" which means they don't have to if they don't want to. But if they come into the game with one they must wear it during the game but if they show up without one no one can stop him from playing because of it.

When did the NHL enstate the helmet rule?

The helmet rule in the NHL was instituted for all new players entering the league in 1979. Existing players had the option to wear a helmet or not. The last NHL player to play helmetless was Craig MacTavish in 1997.

What NHL players wear number 10?

Brenden Morrow, Guy Lafleur, and Patrick Sharp. All good players :)

Last few players to not wear helmet in nhl?

The last person was Craig Mactavish.

What NHL players wear number 8?

Alexander Ovechkin and formerly Cam Neely

Why should NHL players wear a visor?

so their eyes do not get gouged out by sticks or pucks.

Do nhl players have to wear a mouth guard?

Yes it used to be optional but now it is mandatory.

What hockey players wear jersey number 8 in the NHL?

Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals).

What is the name of the skate protectors the NHL players wear to block shots?

These are called "Skate Fenders".

What hockey players wear jersey number 23 in the NHL?

Milan Hejduk for the Colorado avalanche

What kind of hockey equipment do NHL players use?

They wear helmets, chest gaurds, skates.

Which brand of gloves is worn by most NHL players?

They mostly wear a type of Bauer glove.