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Yes they do. And if they win certain awards, they get more. (like con smythe, toews got an extra 1.2 mil)

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Q: Do NHL players get paid for playoffs?
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What does an NHL player earn during the playoffs?

NHL players do not get paid during the playoffs.

Do the NHL players get paid during the playoffs?

NHL players get paid for the whole season, but not the playoffs. There is often team bonuses for the players to split in the playoffs. Players get paid every 2 weeks, just like most common jobs, and their paychecks are calculated by their salary divided by the amount of 2 week periods in the season (presumably from training camp until the end of the regular season).

Do NHL players get extra money for playoffs?


How much do NHL players make in playoffs?

20.4 million

How much money does the winner of NHL get?

Most players in the Stanley cup playoffs don't get paid at all unless they have it written into their contracts. Lots of players are playing just because they love the game.

How many NHL players have scored hat tricks?

Iginla has had several not sure if any ever in playoffs.

Do NHL hockey players get paid to play for team Canada?


How much does Crosby make in a Stanley cup game?

Nothing. Players are not paid in the Playoffs. Their salary is for the regular season and they play in the playoffs without getting paid any salary.

What date did the 2011 NHL playoffs begin?

The 2011 NHL playoffs began on April 13.

How many players are in the AHL?

Currently the AHL consists of 30 teams.

What share of a playoff game does each NHL Hockey player get?

Teams receive bonuses the farther they go into the playoffs. Those bonuses are paid out to the players equally. Unless players have bonuses writen into their personal contracts, they are not paid during the playoffs. They receive their equal portion of any bonuses the team receives from the league, if they receive any at all.

Do NHL hockey players get paid for games for which they are healthy scratches?

Yes. Only under suspension from the league do players not get paid per game whether they play or not.