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Yes. Only under suspension from the league do players not get paid per game whether they play or not.

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Q: Do NHL hockey players get paid for games for which they are healthy scratches?
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How many games do hockey players play?

There is no limit to how many games of hockey a player will play in a year. This really varies.

Where are the ice hockey games held?

in Canada , Ice hockey games are held on any patch of ice that will support more than 6 players.

Why are there no NHL hockey players that are Chinese?

Chinese don't play most U.S. games.

What happens when you fight during Olympic hockey games?

Players fighting in Olympic hockey receive a match penalty and are ejected from the game.

Who invented Carbon Fiber hockey sticks?

Many hockey players today use carbon fiber hockey sticks during their games. The sticks were first invented by Busch.

When did The Olympics allowed National hockey players and the National basketball players to play in the Olympics?

NBA players first Olympics was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona and NHL players first Olympics was the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.

How many field hockey players?

In some Junior Games you play with 8 a-side and a goalie, but in senior hockey you play with 11 a-side and a goalie.

What counts towards a NJ high school hockey players points?

As in all hockey games, points are made up of the player's goals and assists.

Who invented the hockey stick?

AnswerWe do not know who made the first hockey stick, as hockey in various forms has been played for centuries and the first players did not keep records of their games or equipment.

How do junoir A hockey players go to university hockey such as Boston university?

You can simply apply to the college and hope to get accepted and make the hockey team. Otherwise to get a hockey scholarship, it is best to play on a Junior A team that has a good record in order to have University Hockey scouts come watch the Junior A games. Most Junior A teams have University scouts watch games, but only stand out players will be approached by the scouts.

What are hockey player stats?

Well hockey player stats are simply the results of games in a league. But they are stats of only one person. If you google NHL hockey stats, it will show a large amount of different hockey players and their stats.

Did Canada send its hockey team to compete in the 1972 Winter Olympics?

No. Canada did not participate in ice hockey at the 1972 Winter Games in Sapporo or the 1976 Winter Games in Innsbruck in protest over the use of professional players by some of the other countries. Canada petitioned the International Olympic Committee to be allowed to use paid players from the National Hockey League since other countries were using players that were paid by their government to play. The petition was denied and Canada refused to send ice hockey teams to the 1972 and 1976 Games.

What do Hockey players use in the London Olympic Games?

sticks, a ball, shin pads, tooth guards, masks

Did the hockey players had uniforms long time ago?

yes all the way from the begining of a game not only hockey all games had uniform but ofcourse not hifi as of now

How do hockey players get to their games?

They drive to their games. If they're in the NHL or another professional league they fly to another city. e.g. Vancouver to San Jose.

Why don't hockey players fight in the playoffs?

because they cant afford to take stupid penalties in really important games

How long is the hockey game?

well pro games are 1 hour and youth leagues are less depending on the age of the players.

Where can one find hockey highlights?

Highlights of many hockey games can be found on youtube. They are uploaded by players or teams and sometimes by television companies. The National Hockey League (NHL) also shows some highlights on its website.

Will turtle wax work on fixing scratches on xbox games?

No. You can get a store to buff the disks to minimize the scratches. If they are deep scratches though, it will not work.

What do Hockey games sometimes end in?

Hockey games can end in a tie.

What is the custom food of hockey games?

Before a hockey game, players usually try to eat carbs for energy. The most common meal that I have heard of is chicken and pasta for a pregame meal.

What games are like hockey?

Field hockey and underwater hockey are the closest.

What year were NHL players first allowed to play in the Olympics?

1998 Games in Nagano. The 1998 Games were also the first to hold competition in women's ice hockey.

How many hockey games in the hockey playoffs?

7 games per round

Why do they announce the last minute in a hockey period in the NHL?

its the rule of all pro hockey games. and to let the players know theres only one minute left in the end of the period.. why else?