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No, as with many professional sports organizations, a player's equipment is provided by the team or in some cases the player's equipment is provided by a sponsor.

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Q: Do NHL goalies pay for their own goalie mask designs?
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Who designed the 2008 hockey goalie mask?

Technically every NHL goalie designs his own to best fit his need for comfort, visibility, and style. That's why you see some goalies like Dominik Hasek who have very unique goalie masks. The outside design of the goalie mask is purely aesthetic and is often times picked specifically depending upon the match being played. Important dates in team history may effect the outside design of the mask/helmet but some goalies just like their helmet to be flashy and have an artistic design on the outside.

Is roburto louongo the best goalie in NHL?

This is opinional, but he is widely considered one of the best goalies in the NHL.

What happens in the NHL if a goalie loses his helmet during play?

Although goalies used to play bare headed, in the modern NHL a goalie losing his helmet results in an immediate stoppage in play.

How do you see through goalies eyes in nhl 2k9 for Wii?

Press the 1 On the remote You cant be goalie during faceoffs

Did a slap shot ever take off a goalies finger?

No it has never happened, but a goalie was once hit in the neck with a players skate cutting his artery and almost making him die. A fan from the stands rushed down to help and lost almost 1 qt. of blood. As this occured the blood pressure slowed down causing his heart to beat very fast in order to recover for the blood being lost. It is now required in the NHL for a goalie to have a neck guard(Part that hangs over goalies mask. See the difference!(The 1st mask is a modern day goalie mask! By the way I am an Avalanche fan!

When did NHL goalies besides Jacques Plante start to wear masks?

1929-1930 by Montreal Maroons goalie Clint Benedict

When did goalies in hockey start to wear masks?

The first goalie mask worn full time was in 1959 by Jacque Plante in the NHL. It was a homemade fiberglass mask similar to the one worn by the character Jason Vorhees in the movie series Friday the 13th. Other masks had been used for a short time on and off before then but were usually masks from other sports, such as the fencing mask Elizabeth Graham used in 1927. In the 1970s the goalie mask changed into a cage/helmet combination which is still used by some lower level goalies (high school, college, recreational, etc) and has evolved into the fiberglass or Kevlar masks with a built in cage used by most goalies today in the NHL.

In what NHL game was the goalie pulled for the longest time?

There are goalies that have scored on the other goalie. the rink is 200ft long, so it's just under 200ft (at the most).

Was there ever a NHL goalie that was the team captain?

yes Actually Ice hockey goalies, in most leagues (Including the NHL) cannot be a Caption or Assistant Caption. This is because a Caption or Assistant has to be able to be on the Ice At all times, as the Goalie might be benched a game or be subbed out. So to your answer No a Goalie cant be a caption.

Who was the last goalie to wear a face mask and what year?

Andy Brown 1974.... Andy Brown 1974.... my name is JR COYOTE....the question should be who was the last goalie to not wear a mask,or to play without a mask,it was andy brown of the penguins,two other facts,i beleive he at one time held the nhl record for most penalty minutes by a goalie,of course until billy smith came along,the other interesting point was there were 2 goalies that started the season without masks that year,but gump worsley finally grew a brain and wore it sometime throught that season

What goalie as the most penalty minutes?

As far as NHL goalies go, it is Ron Hextall with 584 PIM. He also holds the record for most single-season penalty minutes with 113.

How many skaters can be dressed in NHL playoffs?

NHL teams may dress 18 skaters and 2 goalies for each game in the playoffs, just as in the regular season. Only difference between regular season and playoffs is that if a goalie gets hurt and a team as a 3rd goalie in the building and on the roster, he can suit up as the backup.