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Q: Do NFL preseason losses count in final record?
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What was the final record for the 2003 Detroit Tigers?

In 2003 the tigers record was 43 wins and 119 losses

How many losses did Ohio State football have in 1966?

OSU lost 5 times in the regular season in 1966. Their final record was 4 wins and 5 Losses.

What will be the Arizona Cardinals record in 2007?

16-0 Super Bowl Champs baby! Note: Their final season record was 8 wins and 8 losses. They are not in the play-offs.

Most losses by an NHL team?

The 1992-1993 San Jose Sharks lost a total of 71 games for a final record of 11-71-2 on the season

How many albums does Paramore have?

they have 4 if you count the final riot but if you dont count that then 3

What is final popular vote in 2012?

The latest unofficial count is Obama 62,152,025 ; Romney 58,798,935.The final official count will not be available for several weeks.

What was the Packers final record for the 2006 regular season?

The Packers final record for the 2006 regular season was 8-8.

How do you play the final count down on recorder?


What was the University of Scranton Football Team's record in their final year?

4-4 in 1960. Wins came against Lycoming, King's, Drexel, and Wilkes. Losses were to Hofstra, Albright, Juniata, and Muhlenberg.

What is included in the word count?

A computer (wordprocessor) word count includes everything from the title to the final endnote.

Ohio State's football team's final record last year?

11-2 - Big Ten Champs, Rose Bowl victory over Oregon by two scores. Losses to USC and Purdue.

Who sings final count down?

Jon Bon Jovi.

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