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If a NFL player hands a ball to a fan after scoring they do not get fined by the League. However If a player throws the ball into the stands, they will get fined by the NFL. Throwing the ball into the stands consitiutes a Fan Safety/Crowd Control Violation, as is may cause a fight to break out in the stands. In January of 2013 two NFL players, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree, were each fined $ 10,500 for throwing the ball into the stands after scoring.

NO if they score on a TD then there allow to give fans balls. If Its not a TD and you give it away then yes you are fine and could be a Delay of Game. Most players keep them and give it to fans after the game if they want along with their game attire.

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Q: Do NFL players get fined for giving balls away to the fans and if so how much?
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