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Q: Do NBA players get paid while on the inactive list?
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Do baseball players get paid while on disabibled list?


Do the players still get paid if they are on the injured list?


Do football players get paid while injured?


Do nhl players get paid while on suspension?


Do NFL players get paid while on suspension?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

Do NFL players get paid while injured?


Do NBA players get paid while on suspension?

Yes, NBA players get paid a yearly salary and do not get paid by game. Players may be suspended and still get the same yearly salary!

List of English premier league highest paid players?


What do baseball players get paid?

It depends on the player. Some of the best players get paid almost $20 million dollars a year. While the newcomers get paid half a million yearly.

If an NBA player is placed on the injury list does he still get paid and if so how much?

There is no longer an injury list in the NBA. Teams now designate up to two players as 'inactive'. The difference between the two is that under the former 'injured list', the player was automatically ineligible for 5 games. In either situation, the player experiences no change in his pay.

Do NFL players get paid when they are out of a game?

Players can and do get paid when they are not on the active roster. Players who are under contract to a team draw a paycheck unless they have been Suspended by either the NFL or the Team or have been placed on the Non-Football Injury List (NFI).

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL 2010?

Here is a list for the top 15 highest paid NFL players for the 2010 season, with Peyton Manning on top.

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