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YES!!!!!NBA players make a LOT MORE.

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Q: Do NBA and WNBA players saliaries difer?
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What is the WNBA?

The Women's National Basketball Association(WNBA) is the NBA for women basketball players

Is there a WNBA video game?

No, but in NBA Live 09 for Wii, you can play as 20 different WNBA players.

Differences in the WNBA and NBA?

wnba is women and nba is men

Average hand size of basketball players?

Well.. there are the NBA, WNBA, College, Highschool players. They come in different sizes.

Why do WNBA player not make as much as nba players?

WNBA players do not make as much as NBA players because there is not as many revenue producing sponsors to market the league due to the fact that there are not nearly as many viewers who watch the WNBA as the NBA. The more people watch the sport, the more money advertisers will pay to market the sport, which means more exposure for the league and increased revenue from game attendance, jersey sales, community activities (etc.)

What is the address for the NBA and WNBA?

5245 Commonwealth Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32254 is the address for the NBA and WNBA.

What is the difference in NBA and the WNBA?

The NBA is a basketball league for men. While the WNBA is a basketball league for women. (WNBA - Women's National Basketball Association) (NBA - National Basketball Association)

Do WNBA players get paid each game?

no they get paid like nba players just not as much. average nba player gets a 12 million dollar contract average wnba player gets 60 thousand to 100 so they make alot of money just not like the men

Did a female ever play NBA?

Not in the NBA. In the WNBA, yes.

How many players are allowed to be on a WNBA team roster at one time?

12 players (as with nba) not certain how many may be on the injured list-one for certain however, may be up to 3 as with nba (will research further)

Are all wnba players gay?

No! Retired players Sheryl Swoops openly admitted to being gay. I believe Teresa Weatherspoon is Gay and Chamique Holdsclaw just had a lovers quarrel with a current wnba player.Out of current nba players who are gay they are: Simone Augustus, Jennifer Lacy.

Does the WNBA use a smaller basketball than the NBA?

Yes, the basketball that the WNBA use is slightly smaller than what the NBA uses.

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