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No. These are official games.

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Q: Do MLB interleague games count differently in the standings?
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Do the baseball interleague games count in the standings?


What does Intr mean in baseball standings?

That is the record of the team in interleague games.

Do interleague baseball games count for a teams bid for the division title?

Yes, all games count.

Do the New York Subway Series games count towards the regular season standings?

Yes. All regular season games count towards standings, no matter who the opponent is.

Do interleague baseball games count as much as regular season games?

They count in the teams overall won-loss record just like all in-league games.

Are all MLB games included in the Standings?

No. Only regular season games are included in the standings. Exhibition games are not. Playoff games have their own standings.

Do preseason games count for anything at the end of the season?

No, preseason games have no impact on standings at all. They're really nothing but glorified practices.

What does GB mean in standings?

Games Back?

What are regular season baseball games between the American league and national league called?

Regular season baseball games between the American League and National League are called interleague games. The first interleague games occurred in 1998 and have been a staple of the MLB schedule since. In 2013 the leagues were balanced to have 15 teams each (the Houston Astros switched from the National League to the American League) which necessitated interleague games throughout the season. Before 2013 interleague games typically happened in concentrated pockets during June and July.

Can NFL interconference games affect overall standings?

yes, they affect your record and therefore affect overall standings.

How many interleague games does each team in ML play?

Every American League team is scheduled to play 18 interleague games. Since there are two more National League teams than American League teams, during interleague play, 2 NL teams must play each other. 18 interleague games means 6 series. So, 12 teams from the NL will play another team from the NL for 1 series out of the 6 that are played. With 16 teams in the NL, 4 will play all 6 series. So, to answer your question, every AL team and 4 NL teams are scheduled to play 18 interleague games, and the remaining 12 NL teams are scheduled to play 15 interleague games.

What does P10 mean in baseball standings?

Past 10 games

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