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Q: Do I need a BA to be an assistant high school football coach?
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How many coaches are on a high school football team?

The average is two one assistant coach and a real coach. Usually

Is C Ray Gregory still coaching football?

Yes, he is coaching High School football in Texas as an assistant coach.

What year did Vince Lombardi start coaching?

1939 he started as a assistant football coach at St. Cecilia High School

What kind of degree do you need to be a high school football coach?

What kind of degree do you need to be a high school football coach?

Can a high-school football coach coach youth football?

yes if he wants to

Did Vince Lombardi coach St Cecilia High School football?

At the age of 26 Vince started his coaching career as Assistant coach for the freshman team at St. Cecilia high school. He then took over the head coaching position three years later. After a long wait of six years he was promoted assistant coach of the varsity football team.

When was USA Today High School Football Coach of the Year created?

USA Today High School Football Coach of the Year was created in 1982.

When can a high school football coach be on the football field?

i dont know you should be coach to find out??

What coach has the most wins in football history?

Summerville High School football coach John Mckissick

Who is the head football coach Sullivan central high school?

Coach Fox

Who is Cooperstown High School football Coach 2009?

coach pugiless coach pastar coach baldo

How old do you have to be to play varsity high school football?

You have to be in high school. It depends on your football skill and that your coach knows you have the skills.