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Yeah, theyre all on the American teams. Canadian teams have to import players. That's why southern teams that never get natural ice to play on always win the cup.

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Q: Do Canadians play in the NHL?
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Do more Americans or Canadian play hockey in the NHL?

more canadians play in the NHL, there is a avg of 6 canadians on every NHL team

How Many Canadians Play in the NHL?


Are there more Americans or Canadians that play in the NHL?

There are more Canadians in the NHL. About half of all the players in the league are Canadian.

How many Canadians play in NHL?

A lot. Over 55% of all NHL players are Canadian

Who are the aboriginal NHL players?


How many canadians are in the NHL?


How many Canadians on first six NHL hockey teams?

As far as I can tell the first Nhl teams had all Canadians.

How many Canadians in the NHL?

there are 24 active Montreal Canadians 4 injured

Who is better Pittsburgh or canadians in NHL?


How many canadians are playing in the nhl?


What is the location of the NHL team the Canadians?

The Canadiens (watch spelling, it's french) play out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Who won the most NHL Championships?

Montreal canadians

Who has the best record in NHL history?

Mtl Canadians

Which NHL team had all Canadians?

Boston bruins

Which nhl team has most hall of famers?

The Monteal Canadians

What was the first NHL hockey team?

I believe the Montreal Canadians.

What nhl team left in playoffs has the most canadians on it?

the habs

Where are the Nhl canadiens located?

Montreal (hence why they are called the "Canadiens" and not the "Canadians"

Which team in the NHL has won the most Stanley Cups?

Montreal Canadians

Does the Montreal Canadians rock?

Yes, the habs suck and do not deserve to be in the NHL

What NHL team has the most Stanley Cup championships?

The Montreal Canadians

Which NHL hockey team won the most cups?

Montreal Canadians

Which NHL team has more canadians Pitsburg or Montreal?

the Pittsburgh penguins

Any nhl team with shutouts recorded against every other team in the nhl in its franchise history?

Montreal Canadians

Which NHL playoff team has the most Canadians?

It looks as though the Chcago Balckhawks (2009/2010) have the most Canadians on their roster at 21...